Snowlock and the Seven...

Jun 17, 2012 20:26

I've been stuck at home after some (minor) surgery, and of course what better way to spend my time than reading every fairytale crossover I can get my hands on? Unfortunately, I couldn't find a single Snow White/Sherlock fic. Now why is that? In my opinion, there are a number of startling similarities between the two:

Sherlock has:
1. "skin as white as snow." Yes!
2. "hair as dark as ebony." Sure!
3. "lips as red as blood." Maybe not, but I bet he'd look great in red lipstick!
4. Seven short(er) minions, sort of willing to do his bidding!
5. An evil arch-nemesis with a crown and a thing for apples!

In the spirit of fandom, once something has been thought it can't be unthought, and fanart was bound to result. Thus, I give you: Snowlock and the Seven...dwarves? Minions? Reluctant helpers?

Title: Snowlock and the Seven...
Characters: everyone
Rating: Gen
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In my mind, John = doc, Mrs. Hudson = Happy, the skull = Dopey, Molly = Bashful, Lestrade = Grumpy, and Donovan and Anderson are those other two I always forget. Sorry guys.

Linework done in PaintTool SAI, colored with GIMP.
Image credits: fanpop, wikicommons and shutterstock for reference images

Comments make smiles!
P.S. If anyone knows of a Sherlock/Snow White crossover, will you let me know??

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