Last Night

Jul 31, 2013 14:07

Title: Last Night
Author: Alsike
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Pairing: Ruby/Lacey, Emma/Regina, Mulan/Aurora, Aurora/Philip, Lacey/Gold, Neal/Killian, Ruby/Lacey/Graham ...
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~16k
Summary: High School AU (Where everyone is their cursed personality.  That means this is a Lacey Fic.  All Lacey, All the Time.)
Senior Year started out with a bang - literally - a pool party at Lacey's, where poor choices abounded. Emma has unpleasant consequences to deal with, and Ruby's trying to help, while scrambling for a handle on just how much she likes to kiss girls.
It goes downhill from there.
And then Lacey has another party.

Apologies: This is the fic known in my brain as 'the one where Ruby and Lacey fuck a guy to death.' This is not high art. It is also just a 'you know, I really miss Lacey, and her terrible personality and bad life choices' fic. Lacey!  Also, when I get my hands on a high school AU, everyone is a terribly shitty selfish person and there is lots and lots of bad decision making and improbable amounts of sex.  This is also not particularly well thought through. Please ignore the plot holes, and avoid taking any of my medical advice. Mulan & Aurora's cursed names are totally stolen from A Story, A Tale, by maleficently.  Also, for a story where they talk about sex as much as this, there isn't really that much described.

once upon a time, nc-17, etc, ruby/lacey

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