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Jan 21, 2013 22:52

Title: Animals and Prizes Actual Timestamp ( Read more... )

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Idiot Tweenagers pious_pelican January 22 2013, 04:26:09 UTC
Should never be listened to, ESPECIALLY on anonymous commenting!

It's funny I read your rant first and got really rage-facey on your behalf and then I read the timestamp and was all gooey and 'awww'. So now I'm oddly somewhere in the middle while commenting.

Item #1: You write the MOST perfectly-imperfect relationships. <- see that, that's a PERIOD because there is nothing to add. that is an absolute statement.

Item #2: You are and incredibly thorough fanfic writer. Far far above most of you peers. And the amount of backstory you put into this bizarre world of knotting was above and beyond. I have to be honest some of the questioning comments on previous installments irritated me because I always felt 9/10 were people being lazy readers. In fact in the future I may simple start replying to them with something to that effect.

So. Yes. I'm done rant replying. But seriously, You are one of my all-time favorites and it made me really mad that idiots could make you feel anything but awesome about your writing for even a second.


Re: Idiot Tweenagers nike_ravus January 22 2013, 12:56:49 UTC
:D Thank you!

I am someone who always wants to improve at writing, so when I get negative comments I'm like, 'how can I fix this?' But I guess I just don't think trying to avoid stomping all over someone's triggers means you're being abused. Meh.

Anyways, it did make me feel pretty bad, so thank you lots for making me feel better!

(And I love this line, "I read your rant first and got really rage-facey on your behalf and then I read the timestamp and was all gooey and 'awww'." :) )


kith_koby January 22 2013, 15:10:59 UTC
Who are those fools who challenge your level of writing, that we may destroy them?

This was lovely, a perfect end for this relationship. I think it rightfully reflected the full complexity of their relationship together, and yet how together they manage to make it work. Especially how Tori knew what to tell Jade in order to reassure her and clam her down, yet also knew when to back off and let Holly handle things. Thank you so much for this brilliance.


mayireadtoday January 22 2013, 17:22:48 UTC
Yay fpreg! I like that Tori has no problem staying home with the kid and Jade still freaks out.

Although, I do hope after the kid (girl, I assume) is born and a year or two, Jade finally understands that Tori and Tori's family is never going to expect Jade to be an omega like Jade's mom is. But it's absolutely realistic in this world that Jade still doesn't "understand." She spent 16 years or so in a "traditional" alpha-omega household and she's surrounded by a world where tons of people are saying that a traditional alpha-omega household is what she should be doing.

I find it very weird that people are having problems with your characterization of Jade. I've only watched a handful of Victorious episodes but your Jade seems right to me. This is a character that canonically carries a pair of scissors on her, is always saying how Tori isn't her friend, and says cutting things all the time.


mord5ith January 26 2013, 01:03:32 UTC
Duh! It's the best part about your fics. Hot, smart, kind of broken and seriously messed up women who hook up with puppy-eyed, sexy but awkward, masochist dorks.
Plus plot, "in-character-ness", and a wide-spectrum of feeling. Not just the mushy ones.


emchap February 14 2013, 19:48:09 UTC
So the story is done? :( If it is I hope you write a sequel that starts exactly where this one ended! Pregnant Jade would be hilarious, bossing Tori around to get her things. lol.


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