Animals and Prizes Timestamps

Jan 14, 2013 11:22

Title: Animals and Prizes Timestamps (3.5&4/4)  (You know - I should have called this the x-rated sequel or something, because, seriously, these were NOT timestamps ( Read more... )

knotting, jori, nc-17, animals and prizes, victorious

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wizened_cynic January 14 2013, 16:50:32 UTC
I can honestly say that was the hottest fisting fic I've read since 2004 (The O.C., Ryan/Summer, so awesome). And I've read a lot, even though it's not a particular kink of mine. A+++++++++!


nike_ravus January 14 2013, 17:38:04 UTC
I worked so hard to make this hot! Because totally - there are a lot of boring fisting fics out there. I even did research. I think I remember that Ryan/Summer one. :)
Thank you for validating my porn. :)


mayireadtoday January 14 2013, 19:15:35 UTC
I enjoyed learning more about Holly.

The sex chapter was fantastic. I loved that it wasn't just "insert fist into pussy" but realistic. The whole scene was very hot.


Hawt confuzzedly January 14 2013, 21:36:07 UTC
I have to agree with others while, it's not my kink the fisting scene is really well done and consequently totally hot.

I haven't seen many fisting scenes *scratches head* maybe 1 that was well done but it's lost to the caverns of my memory.

Quite enjoyed this one!

*Fist raised in salute*


kith_koby January 18 2013, 13:26:54 UTC
Okay, firstly, Holly talking with Jade was great, I really liked how they connected and it was nice to see more of Holly, especially her history and her own thoughts about what she is as an omega. The part about Jade's mom letting Tori in was also very powerful. And of course, another great ending line. 'Hug-slut', heh ( ... )


nike_ravus January 18 2013, 16:03:06 UTC
:D Yay! I was totally thinking about that line when I was writing this section. I wanted Jade to have inadvertently told the truth. And lo, she did. :)

When I was doing research for the sex I accidentally got onto this weird Christian Sex website which was talking about fisting as a spiritual act. But it was very serious that the man should fist the woman because the reverse would destroy the family, society, etc., if the man couldn't handle it. After I finished being amused, horrified, and offended, I thought a lot about what that sort of power differential would mean for Jade and whether she would be okay with it or not. Essentially, NOT. But the heat would make her want it while it was happening. It would only be after when the impact would hit. Essentially, my kink is angst, so whatever gets me there is fine with me!

And I love Trina. Trina makes every scene better. :)

Thank you!


kith_koby January 19 2013, 22:38:21 UTC
That is amusing and horrifying. I have a friend who would love that site, I think. Mind sending me the link?

In any case, I think you got it perfectly across, and there was angst, but just enough to transmit what exactly happened, and not enough to ruin the hotness and adorableness of the scene.

Thank you! You know, I said we probably won't have more of this, but now I just want random scenes of them interacting with Trina.


nike_ravus January 22 2013, 00:25:56 UTC

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