Animals and Prizes Timestamp 3

Jan 06, 2013 22:43

Title: Animals and Prizes Timestamps (3/4 ( Read more... )

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mayireadtoday January 7 2013, 07:04:11 UTC
Yay! We learn about female alpha biology! So how long is Tori's clit when it's engorged? Also, I'm guessing when Tori orgasmed that come was the special baby-making come.

Also, it was hot.

Bah humbug to the haters. I love your Tori and Jade.


cyberlogical January 9 2013, 02:45:49 UTC
Love it. Please keep up the good work.


kith_koby January 9 2013, 21:53:49 UTC
This was so much better! Because their relationship has moved on a bit, and it's at the stage that though they still need lots of work, they get each other and don't get angry as much, because there's more understanding. and it was so totally hot, despite being only third base, this would have won sexiest scene. Maybe hand-job in theater is a cliche, but there's a reason it is, and this chapter explains why. Tori and Jade's reactions to each other, both sexual and not were perfect (prostitute jokes! oh, the glory of prostitute jokes!). I am literally giddy with it.

Plus, new best line: "Not distinct from a beta female her ass, but, of course, girls didn't measure"


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