Animals and Prizes - 1st & 2nd Base!

Jan 03, 2013 22:45

Title: Animals and Prizes Timestamps (1&2/4 ( Read more... )

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mayireadtoday January 4 2013, 17:18:15 UTC
I hope the police managed to keep it quiet that Jade's mother let Tori in because I'm worried that Hadrian will kill Jade's mother.

So interesting that Jade decided not to have the mating broken.

So awesome: "Well, I had to give them some reason why I had picked you above all of the other alphas, and it's not like they're going to believe that it's because..."

[...] "Because you make me look you in the eye."

Hilarious: "They disapproved of more than one syllable names."

Even though Tori says "I want you to care about me, and I want you to be happy with me. That's all," I'm still hoping for Tori-Jade monogamy.

I really like that you have Tori not ready to "pin Jade's wrists against the wall, bite and suck to leave more marks, hold down her hips and hear her beg." That Tori is still Tori even though she has hormones to deal with.


kith_koby January 9 2013, 21:44:13 UTC
This was awesome. I love how the relationship between them is so cute and adorable sometimes, but also very realistic and hard. It reinforces what I was saying all along, how Jade needs to learn to deal with this life, to know Tori's boundaries while learning to accept Tori is not any other Alpha, and is the one who never control her.

Also: "Tori felt herself stiffen" - you realize what this sounds like?

Lastly, Trina is now a snarkier JJ.


nike_ravus January 9 2013, 23:23:24 UTC
"Tori felt herself stiffen"
Oh lol, and of course I follow it up with, "She hadn't wilted completely."


kith_koby January 10 2013, 05:04:42 UTC
Of course, now that we know how female alphas knot, it makes a bit of sense...


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