Animals and Prizes END

Dec 28, 2012 13:40

Title: Animals and Prizes (11/11 ( Read more... )

knotting, jori, animals and prizes, victorious

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mayireadtoday December 28 2012, 19:01:25 UTC
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Thank you for the happy ending. I am grinning like a villain.

I hope I didn't piss you off in my comments regarding Chapter 10. I just got really emotionally invested in this story.

I would love a timestamp of Tori and Jade's first time. I'm curious about in your Knotting world, what the biology of a female alpha looks like.


kith_koby December 29 2012, 22:33:12 UTC
This was a perfect ending. Because it wasn't happy, not exactly. Jade lost her family, and is still unsure about this, though they've mated. But it has the potential. Because they're finally free, both of them, to make their own choices properly. And this can lead them to a real relationship, as Tori's mother says. They're friends, and they'll date, and eventually realize they should be together in always. And Jade won't be consumed by her issues, forcing her to take control, and Tori will know when she needs to be alpha an when no to, and they'll be happy, the happiness of real life, with all the challenges and hardships.

Hug-slut is my new favorite epithet.

And time-stamp, definitely time-stamp. I'm too tired to think of suggestions for it (for that matter, there were a few spelling/grammar mistakes I just can't note right now because I'm so tired and if it weren't for spell-check this would be riddled with them) but I definitely want it, especially if the rating can go up.


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