Animals and Prizes 8 & 9

Dec 25, 2012 12:29

Title: Animals and Prizes (8&9 ( Read more... )

knotting, jori, animals and prizes, victorious

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kith_koby December 25 2012, 19:30:11 UTC
Angst? What angst? I know I'm weird, but honestly, I found these chapters great. The information was not as creepy as last time, and they were a lot funnier than I expected: Drunk Jade, Beck discovering Tori was an Alpha (favorite line: "We're 5% of the population!" Tori yelled back. "I exist!"). The only bits of angst I found was when Jade's dad hit her, and a bit in the negotiation with Gavin. But Gavin was rather free-thinking for an alpha Jade's dad approves of, seems willing to give Jade a large bit of freedom (especially compared to her father) and I know it's horribly inappropriate, but I liked his reaction to Jade's words about a female alpha. Although I still hate this world. I mean, where else would a sentence like "How about we give you vetoes" (as if 'we' should have to) seem progressive?
And the last part wasn't angst either, it was just Jade being awesomely bitchy and trying to keep Tori safe from her dad or Gavin, and really more of an 'oh shit run!' moment. It was an awesome end to two great chapters. Can't wait to see the shitstorm.


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