Animals and Prizes 6

Dec 16, 2012 20:28

Title: Animals and Prizes (6 ( Read more... )

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pious_pelican December 17 2012, 03:25:51 UTC

I was going to be good and save this so that I wouldn't go crazy waiting for the next install... I made it 20 freaking minutes

but it's soooooo good!!

guess i'll just go back to waiting


nike_ravus December 17 2012, 22:03:23 UTC
Hopefully it won't be too long!


mayireadtoday December 17 2012, 16:48:53 UTC
Thank you for using the "Dear Planned Packhood" to explain about mating and promoting safe sex. Also thanks for having Holly explain about different smells.

Even though "only .5% of natural mating heats ever occur in high school," I'm still hoping Tori and Jade mate in high school. Because I'm a fan of their awesome love and also I'm concerned about Jade's welfare. Am I correct that if Tori and Jade mate now, Jade's father loses his rights over Jade and Tori takes them over?

Tori's parents continue to be awesome.

Someone should kill Jade's dad. I feel the same way about Emma Frost's father.


nike_ravus December 17 2012, 22:09:00 UTC
I really, really enjoyed writing the Dear Planned Packhood letters. Apparently I missed my calling as an advice columnist :) .

If Tori and Jade mated now it would have to be with parental consent, and since Tori is a minor there would be some crazy legal finagling to sort it out. Um, not that I've worked this out.

Tori's parents are super. And Jade's dad is the worst. Well, maybe not compared to Winston.



mayireadtoday December 17 2012, 22:33:11 UTC
If Tori and Jade mated now it would have to be with parental consent, and since Tori is a minor there would be some crazy legal finagling to sort it out. Um, not that I've worked this out.

That's mating with an artificial mating chemical. What's the situation concerning rights if Tori and Jade fuck (without parental consent) and the mating occurs naturally (proven by a blood test)?


nike_ravus December 17 2012, 23:13:00 UTC
Mating, both natural and artificial, can be chemically broken. In this situation, since both Jade and Tori are minors, the responsible alpha has the final decision on whether or not the mating will stand, i.e. Jade's dad.

If Jade was of age and Tori wasn't, Jade's opinion would be consulted, but Tori's father would have the deciding vote, since he would become the responsible alpha in the situation. He would probably find the concept of natural mating romantic, and leave it up to them. But he also gains a certain amount of power over Jade. When Tori comes of age, it goes to her.

If Tori was of age and Jade wasn't, Jade's father would be able to sue for damages, and avoid prosecution for taking Tori's head off. :) He would not find natural mating romantic.

If they were both of age, then Tori would become Jade's responsible alpha, and Jade's father couldn't get away with killing her.

(If I actually write a section of the legal code for this world, it's your fault. :) )


atrumnoxnoctis December 18 2012, 03:29:38 UTC
Oh, man, the updates I've missed while I was busy over finals were phenomenal! It's like an early Christmas present! :D

I'm enjoying the glimpses we see into this world even though it completely sucks for omegas like Jade. With the politics being what they are now, it seems that she just can't seem to get a break. Poor girl.

Jade's father does remind me of Winston though. Either would use their children as pawns to better their image and get ahead in the world.

And I've got a nice little Christmas present coming along for you! XD At the moment, it contains 14 (at the moment) little gifts that will hopefully make you smile. You're still getting dragon smut around your birthday, of course, but I figured you wouldn't mind some Christmas cheer, too! :D


kith_koby December 18 2012, 17:00:53 UTC
You have gotten entirely too skilled at this updating business. I am not happy with it. That is, I am ecstatic (may it carry over to E2 fics!) but it poses a problem when I can't comment fast enough. Let's hope this catching up proves good enough to keep me up from now on ( ... )


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