Animals and Prizes 5

Dec 13, 2012 22:06

Title: Animals and Prizes (5 ( Read more... )

knotting, fic, jori, animals and prizes

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nike_ravus December 14 2012, 03:42:36 UTC
I'm so mean to violas. :)


mayireadtoday December 14 2012, 17:20:24 UTC
I'm glad you showed Tori's family's reactions to the fight. I love Tori's dad being so proud ( ... )


nike_ravus December 14 2012, 21:50:30 UTC
So, well, actually, no, Tori and Jade aren't mated... yet. Mating heats are rather infrequent - especially in stressful situations, like, mmm, high school. Pretty much no one in high school is mated. Even for adults in committed relationships, mating heats aren't guaranteed, which is why the chemicals were developed so that people could choose their mates. Things I have failed to make clear. *sigh*

Jade is currently not thinking entirely with her brain. :) She wants what she wants, and she's angry at not getting it, but when she comes to herself she will probably be glad that she didn't get knotted in the janitor's closet. Maybe.

Thanks for commenting! But I will not give you any hints about the plot!


mayireadtoday December 14 2012, 22:03:10 UTC
So, well, actually, no, Tori and Jade aren't mated... yet

But then why did that other alpha not really pay attention when Jade walked in when she was in heat but Tori did?

I don't want you to give me hints about the plot. I just want my predictions in writing so if they come true I can say: "I knew it!" :)


nike_ravus December 14 2012, 22:15:19 UTC
I will... try to answer that in story. But one reason was that it wasn't a shock for him. He's been going to school with Jade for a couple of years. You get used to the way people smell, especially if you're not really into them.

I enjoy your predictions immensely! Though I'm always going either 'oh no, I've been rumbled?' or 'what? where on earth did that come from?' :)


sweetkp December 16 2012, 05:40:13 UTC
So does Jade have a knot or...'knot'? Ok bad pun lol but does she have some extra equipment down south we don't know about or what? How would a female alpha knot another female? o.0

Also very awesome and interesting story so far!


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