My Year in Fanfic 2010

Jan 01, 2011 21:57

My Year in Fanfic 2010!

This year was the year of Finishing Things You Start!  I finished Bicker, and Hellfire, and Volume II of Emily's Notebooks, Even Fake Empire has technically reached the point where I can start the next storyline (although I might need one more fic to fill in the middle bit).  I even extra-finished Scott's Emma, and posted the ( Read more... )

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Heroic melungea January 2 2011, 04:03:25 UTC
You're pretty much my hero. You've made Emma/Emily cannon in my eyes and the idea of her shipping with any other character is odd in comparison. I don't know how you do what you do. To be immersed in Grad school and write fanfic and write your own novel and write such incredibly stirring pieces and ... well, that list is just endless. It is as though you've found some means of dilating time. I've indiscriminately loved all of your work and look forward to reading more in the new year. Thank you so much for being such an amazing and dedicated writer.


atrumnoxnoctis January 2 2011, 05:05:41 UTC
LOL! Yeah, I see that shout out! XD Woot for dragon pr0n! You know you love it though! I take great pride in knowing that I have now ruined you for life with my special pairing and all their lovely, uh, specialness!

But, dude, I am so jealous of your writing skills! You haven't missed a step at all this year despite the workload you had, nevermind the one or two fics you didn't finish. Me? You already knew the type of schedule I had this semester, and I'd have considered myself lucky if I managed to get drabbles out to you every month or so! @_@ Even then, I probably only got out about half a dozen sets of varying length! I can't compete with your awesomeness, so kudos to you, my friend! You deserve praise and so much more!

As for my picks, I pretty agree with what you've already chosen from the above categories although my choice for Most Unintentionally Telling would be the one fic that no one else has seen yet (and probably never will from what I recall you telling me). XP I mean, for a story that didn't delve too much into the ( ... )


lady_finx January 2 2011, 07:15:27 UTC
I gotta say Danny Zuko was by far the BEST fic i have read all year (Y) you're writing is awesome and I'm abolutely loving Sweet Talk so far :)

iI'm not gonna lie....very curious about this secret fic that no one has seen hahaaha :P


tamoline January 2 2011, 21:46:29 UTC
Captive obviously has to get my award for being thought provoking (not one of the official categories, but hey), given that it pretty much forced me to write my first ever fanfic. Which, in turn, has inspired me to write my longest ever story. (Currently being finished off now, and thankfully several times more upbeat.)

I think Danny Zuko was probably my favourite story out of this year generally. It's a mostly upbeat story and nice character piece.


scoutnabout January 2 2011, 22:41:39 UTC
I've never seen a full episode of Criminal Minds, so it isn't about the pairing as I don't know one of the characters very well. The point is that your characters are original. I like your stories because they're yours and you know them very well. All stories that you've written gather my interest (although I recall "City on the Water" as taking a while for me to get into it).
I'm glad that school is going well and assuming Livejournal is correct then I hope you had a great birthday.
If you do complete a full length novel, please share info on how one could go about reading it :)

Thanks for all the awesome stories that you've shared!


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