Things that no one cares about:

Apr 21, 2010 18:26

 I have a map!

Again, with the no one at all caring, but a map!  Not that it is an accurate map, but, you know, generally evocative of the landscape.

I am nearing the climax of the story, which is always a nerve wracking event, whatever I'm writing.  But this is just making it work.  Yesterday I was terrified of writing this one scene where my villain(?) gets her say, and I had to convince myself that the insinuations of lesbian incest was indeed all in my head, and was not obvious to everyone else.  This is something that I will need an outside opinion on.
If Sailor Moon taught me anything, it taught me that calling them cousins only makes the romantic notions worse.

Now I have to go write about the death of a squirrel.  :(


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