Mar 14, 2010 17:37

 Yay!  X-men has its own sexy new page on P&P!  (Really, that header is awesome.)  And Emily's Notebooks is up!  In its beautifully embarrassing completeness.  There is something rather coy about the length of an LJ post that you lose when you have the whole things just sitting there with bolded chapter headings.  Why is my own writing so embarrassing to me?

My drawing is generally worse, but whatever.  This post should take up more space, and thus City on the River inspired doodlings again.  (I totally drew the picture of Emma as a stripper in my Syntax notebook and now, when I'm hunting for PredP or whatever it ALWAYS opens to that page!)

Eventually I will suck less at photoshop.  Not yet though.

And if you're bored, Wycynic has written a bunch of hilarious prompt fics.   Go read them.

Edited for ADD:

And ralst has said that she's going to start hosting podfics!  I love podfics!  They are the best thing since... um, lightboxes (this made sense in my head).  Sooo, people with good reading voices and recording equipment... Please?  Supernatural Fanfic is perfectly fine but not every podfic should be boyslash.

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