New Year's Fanfic Review

Jan 01, 2010 17:57

My Year in Fanfic Meme, 2009 (Stolen from wizened_cynic )

This was clearly the year I started writing porn.
Holy Crap this is a lot of fic... )


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elemental_light January 2 2010, 12:05:10 UTC
That is a lot of fic- but I've enjoyed reading it all.

Best Story - 9 Crimes, because it is very complete in itself.
Most Fun - The Devil You Know

Thanks for the reminder about Big Brother - I was left wondering if it was a coordinated plan on the part of the watchees to maximise chances for getting out of surveillance for some period of time, and if so what they did with it.


mauders January 2 2010, 23:22:13 UTC
You have definitely written a lot of fic but I’ve read it all, some of it twice (Emma/Emily). When I first saw the updates in PP and saw the Emma/Emily x-over I was particularly dubious, thinking WTF, and resisted it for soooo long. I can’t remember what made me read one in the end but as soon as I did I was completely hooked. I started at the beginning and read them through in a couple of days (glued to my iPhone). Some of the stories I liked more than others but the pairing is absolutely convincing, considering it was so random how it all came about.

I knew Emma more than Emily at first. I always liked her in the X-men (always liked her self-serving powerplay) but I have been checking out CM recently.

I always get excited when you start new stories with this pair but anyway, here are my faves:-

Commodum ex Iniuria
Boxing Day
9 Crimes (including PrOn ficlet - good stuff)
Emily’s Notebook
City on the River

Thanks for writing. I hope you continue, as I will to read.


nike_ravus January 4 2010, 01:59:38 UTC
I love hearing these sort of stories. I was writing these fics so certain that no one was going to read them, because there was no crossover between the two fandoms and breaking up the Emily/JJ OTP was definitely a dangerous thing to do. But a few brave souls took a risk. Thank you for being one of them!

(But how do you read on an iPhone? Ouch.)

It was a random coincidence that threw these two characters together, but unlike all of the others, they clearly clicked. Dumb luck.

(I always giggle when i think about Bicker, but everyone spills the beans on their alma mater in some way.)


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nike_ravus January 4 2010, 02:19:11 UTC
Love to hear it! Now I just need to find a publisher who agrees with you.

You may have read the best bits already, but I do hope you stick around.

Thank you very much!


anonymous January 4 2010, 04:41:08 UTC
gah. so good.


MMmm. blet_b February 2 2010, 01:24:56 UTC
I would deff. have to agree with your assessments, so fart you are so spot on, I am reading Emily's notebook now, loving every minute of it. Bicker, was a very surprise like for me, thoroughly enjoying that as well!


Re: MMmm. blet_b February 2 2010, 01:26:37 UTC
Ugh, spell check only goes so far *sighs*

(so fart you are so spot on) truely should be , so far you are spot on..


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