Request for assistance!

Oct 17, 2009 14:13

Thank you all muchly!  Lots of data to work with!
I'll post an update when I've got it all worked out.

So, I need help...

I'm working on a linguistics project about ship names, but I can hardly think of any!

Chair  (I think this name describes the whole Chuck/Blair phenomenon as a whole)

(I use ( Read more... )


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heart1e55m00mba October 17 2009, 19:32:04 UTC
Naomily (Naomi/Emily, from Skins)
Freffy (Freddie/Effy, from Skins)


shaylafitz October 17 2009, 19:59:25 UTC
The first is an old one - the couple hasn't existed for years (AFAIK, at least - I went through a phase in Junior High of watching soaps, and I haven't watched this for probably at least 8 years).

Nexis (Ned/Alexis, General Hospital)
Callica (Calliope*/Erica, Grey's Anatomy)
Calzona (Calliope*/Arizona, Grey's Anatomy)

*Not sure if this makes any difference, but, while the character's name is Calliope, she more often goes by Callie.


mini_shrink October 17 2009, 20:05:22 UTC
Harry Potter
Snarry (Snape/Harry)
Harmony (Harry/Hermione, though I'm not too sure about this)

Skimmed the first page of FF.NET's Digimon section and got these:
Rukato (Ruki M/Takato M)
Takari (Takeru T/Hikari Y)
Taiora (Sora T/Taichi Y)
Kenkeru (Ken I/Takeru T) (now, I can't remember much about the show, but are those two related? Please say no. Not that I can talk. The other day I was challenging the good folk at the CM bit of TWoP to write me a fic with unsub Emily and er, a "twisted 'Liz", as one person put it.)

The other day I came across a CM "Prossi" fic. Eugh.


mini_shrink October 18 2009, 00:00:05 UTC
"Harmony" is definitely the pairing name for Harry/Hermione. In fact, there's a subset of that called "Lunar Harmony" for Harry/Hermione/Luna stories.


mini_shrink October 18 2009, 00:05:59 UTC
To add to the Harry Potter pairings:

Drarry - Draco/Harry
Honks - Harry/Tonks


mini_shrink October 17 2009, 20:10:26 UTC
Also, from Veronica Mars (why do people like that show?!)
LoVe - Logan/Veronica

Bangel - Buffy/Angel
Fuffy - Faith/Buffy
Ruffy - Riley/Buffy
Spuffy - Spike//Buffy
Woz - Willow/Oz
Xanya - Xander/Anya

I'm sure there's one from Angel for Wesley/Lilah, but I can't think of its name.


wizened_cynic October 18 2009, 01:16:48 UTC
I saw someone use Jemily to refer to JJ/Emily, and was frankly quite horrified.

Also, Mirandy (Miranda/Andy from DWP). People need to die.

Back in the day when I watched ER, there were Carby (Carter/Abby), Luby (Luka/Abby), and Neeby (WTF)(Neela/Abby).

JAM (Jim/Pam) from the Office.

God, I hate fandom.


shaylafitz October 18 2009, 05:44:37 UTC
Carby! I can't believe I forgot that pairing... for a brief time, I shipped it pretty intensely.

Also, I love your icon! (And EEE!!!, Alex Cabot is back on Wednesday! Yay Stephanie March!)


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