Big Brother

Oct 17, 2009 12:44

Title: Big Brother
Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: R

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls.

Word Count: 1951

Prompt: 045. Voyeurism
Apologies: Putting off getting started on my Syntax homework, what I wrote last night.  I'll call it a 1984 AU, like the last one was an Aladdin AU.

Big Brother is Watching ( Read more... )

criminal minds, x-men, au, citrus taste, emma/emily

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heart1e55m00mba October 17 2009, 22:24:40 UTC
Um, wow, 1984 AU fic FTW.


authorw October 18 2009, 04:14:37 UTC
Interesting way to incorporate all of the team!


scoutnabout October 18 2009, 04:21:24 UTC
You never disappoint :) Are we going to get more from this one or leave it at that? Both ways work for me>


scarimor October 18 2009, 08:53:03 UTC


theatrekid510 October 27 2009, 18:49:51 UTC
i love your vignettes! do you really have 45 of them? the last one i read was 28. if you have more, please post them, they are so enjoyable!


nike_ravus October 29 2009, 00:41:02 UTC
I don't have 45 yet!

Just 29 so far.
This is my prompt table:

I have a few more in process. I'll put them up when they're done!


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