Hellfire 10.5

Feb 10, 2010 12:11

Title: Hellfire 10.5

Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: NC-17

AN/Disclaimer: Not my girls.

Apologies: Not exactly what I promised. But hopefully it satisfies.

Prompt: 011. Blindfold (Not going to waste the opportunity ;) )

“You look like you need a whip in that outfit.” Emily squirmed as Emma teased her sides.

“Would you like that?”

Emily tipped her head, considering. “Only with you.” She pouted. “JJ thinks I’m a masochist because you bite me all the time.” Emma blinked. She hadn’t really noticed. “But I don’t know. You wouldn’t embarrass me. If I wanted to be hit you would do it and make it so I enjoyed it. You wouldn't hurt me, or make me feel ashamed.”

Emma stared at her, innards twisting at the too recent memory of having Emily’s throat taut, pulse fluttering, under her hand. “Why do you trust me? I… don’t deserve it.”

“I can see it, in your eyes, even when you’re scaring me, that if you hurt me, you’d hate yourself.” She gave a weak smile. “Even more than you already do.”

Emma stared at her, not blinking for a long moment. How could this woman not be a telepath? But she managed to get inside of her without even touching her mind. There was nothing to do. She smiled. “Yes, you’re a masochist, darling.”

Emily laughed, flushing a little. “I’m naked,” she said, flushing even more. “I don’t like being naked when you’re not.”

Emma let her cape drop into a pile on the floor. She looked at her, considering what she could say here, what she knew would be obeyed, and didn't say it. She sat to unlace her boots.

“I could…” Emily pressed up against her side.

Emma glanced at her, a wry not-quite-smile on her face. “Not tonight.”

[She asked the next night instead. “Take my boots off.”

Emily gave her an offended shocked look, as she glanced up from toweling her hair, which nearly made her die laughing. “Are you serious?”

“You wanted to last night.”

“I wanted to be your… your kitten last night! I was drugged out of my skull! That has no relevance here-“

Emma was really laughing now. “My kitten?”

Emily pounced. “You don’t need to take your damn boots off for me to fuck you.”]

Emily pushed her hair aside so she could kiss the side of her neck and shoulder as she tugged at the hooks on the back of Emma’s corset. Finally she got exasperated and just reached down the front and freed her breasts from their constraints, giving a good grope while the opportunity presented itself.

“I don’t understand why these clothes are supposed to be sexy if you can’t get out of them,” she whined. Emma had to catch her breath and refigure out where she had left off loosening up the laces.

“I think the point is you don’t have to get out of them.”

“Oh! It’s loose now!” And Emily quickly demolished the rest of the hooks. Emma pulled off the boots. Pleased, Emily straddled her and pushed her down, pinning her arms to the bed. She smiled, broad and shy at the same time. “I like you like this.” She leaned down and dusted a faint kiss on the tip of Emma’s nose. “You look like you’ll give me whatever I want.”

“As long as its sex,” Emma said, smiling back. “I really can here. Anything you want.”

“Tell me I’m bad.”

“You are bad, coming here, chasing after me.”

“I didn’t want you to leave me.” Her voice was quiet and sad and far far too honest.

“Well, I don’t want you to leave me either, and putting yourself into danger like this makes me very, very unhappy.”

Slowly, Emily started to smile. She ducked her eyes. “I’m sorry I made you worry.”

“No you're not. You’re incorrigible.”

Emily protested with a wide mouthed smile. “I am not!”

“You are! You need something more than a scolding.”


“Worse.” Emma’s hands slid up her thighs, cupping her ass, and then flipped her onto her back. “You need to be punished.”

“You said…” Emily gazed up at her, her eyes limpid and intent. “You said you would handle it.”

Emma stared at her, shocked at the implication. “You want to be initiated?”

She nodded, never breaking eye contact.

“I can do that,” Emma said, as soft as snow on ice. “I wouldn’t let them touch you. But I can shame you just as well.”

Emily nodded again, eyes wide and expression pliant.

Emma slipped off of her, leaving her on the bed, and went to the cabinet. If she knew Sebastian it would be well supplied. It was better to do this with a telepath, she thought, she would know when it wasn’t good anymore, when she’d had enough. The drugs would interfere though, and something that was pleasure today might turn out to be trauma tomorrow. But that was how trauma often worked. There wasn’t anything she could do about that.

Sebastian had clearly spared no expense. The attempt to regain power over her had obviously been worth a great deal to her father.

“Kneel for me, darling.”

Emily gave her a hesitant glance, but obeyed. She didn’t move or turn her head as Emma settled back on the bed behind her and tied the silk band over her eyes. Then she leaned into her neck, cupping her breasts and kneading them roughly, breathing hot against her skin. “I could do anything to you, and you wouldn’t tell me no, would you?”

“No,” Emily breathed out. “I’d never tell you to stop.”

* * *

She couldn’t think, and that was frustrating. But she couldn’t be frustrated for long, not when everything else was so clear. Emma’s fingers slid into her mouth, pressing against her lips to open and then deep inside. She sucked on them, tipping her head back lightly, letting her long nails tickle the back of her throat.

She drew her fingers out, smearing spit over Emily’s lower lip and chin, and tracing wet lines to her breasts. Teeth dug into her earlobe and Emily pulled in a surprised breath.

“I do like to bite you,” Emma whispered. “I hadn’t realized before. But what can I say? I always like to bite into things that are as soft and delicious as you.”

Her wet fingers slid down between her legs, parting her. Two fingers, long and straight, tightening around her clit, and then delving into her.

“What a little slut you are,” Emma hissed, a surprising viciousness in her tone. “Already dripping from being strung up on display. You wouldn’t have even cared if they all took turns, would you?”

“Emma!” She protested.

“But I’ve always known that. The first time I took you, you were a little whore.” Emma caught her wrists, holding them in one hand behind her back, and pushed her forward until her face was pressed into the pillow. Emily struggled a little, trying to sit back up. Emma swatted her ass, and she stopped fighting. “I knew what you were thinking. You were telling yourself that I was the one who needed affection.” Emma laughed quietly. “But you didn’t protest, did you, when I put you on your back and fucked you.” A finger traced a sinuous line down her spine, dipping into the top of her ass. “I wasn’t even nice. I didn’t even like you. But I was perfectly happy to give you the fucking you needed.”

Her fingers kept moving down, pressing against taut skin, skimming over her anus, then spreading her apart. Emily gasped, then tried to struggle again. It hurt, and her fingers were dry, the nails sharp. “I couldn’t get enough of those little sounds you made. That little moan you made when I split you apart.” And suddenly she was inside, two fingers, long and firm and curling just enough, and Emily heard the noise she made, and flushed with shame as tears filled her eyes. “That one.” She withdrew slowly, and then wiped her fingers carelessly on Emily’s inner thigh. “But I’ve already done that to you. I’ve already forced pleasure out of you when you were trying your best for self-sacrifice. Tonight I want to humiliate you.”

She bound up her wrists, using something as soft and cool as silk, which was a relief against the rope burns already there. Emily didn’t like being overbalanced and smothered in the pillows though, and was pleased when Emma rolled her over onto her back, even though her hands were now crushed under her. Emma settled on top of her, sitting over her hips, moving slightly to grind into her. Emily whimpered. She felt a light kiss press against her collarbone, and then an object, heavy and cool pressed against her bruised mouth.

“Suck it,” Emma whispered, and she parted her lips, letting it inside. It tasted like metal, as slick as chrome. “You have such a perfect cocksucking mouth. No wonder they’re pissed at me for being selfish.”

Emily mumbled a complaint around the shaft, but Emma just pushed it deeper into her mouth. It pressed uncomfortably against her velum and she whined.

“Arch your back, I bet you can get it down farther.”

Emily lifted up awkwardly and the head slipped down her throat. The pressure against the tight channel was nearly more than she could bear, but also so deep and invasive and intimate that she wasn’t certain she wanted it to stop.

“Fuck.” Emma ground into her, giving a little grunt of pleasure, and slid it out. Emily heard something slick, and wondered if she had licked it. She lifted her hips, hopefully, pushing them into her rider, and heard Emma laugh. Her fingers were at her mouth, sliding in and spreading sticky saliva over her face. Then she was moving off, pushing Emily’s legs up, her wet fingers opening her up, and pressing that heavy curved weight inside of her. It filled her up, completely, and Emily tilted her head back as far as she could.

Emma moved over her, arms threading through the crooks of her knees and tipping her hips up, pressing her knees back into the bed up by her shoulders, and kissed her, her mouth wet, the kiss sloppy. Then she started moving her hips, slowly and evenly. Emily’s breath caught in her chest, and she thought, a quick grasp at consciousness before it was fucked out of her, that if she were about to die again, this was the way she wanted to go.

* * *

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