Triple Chocolate Mint Fudge Ripple

Sep 17, 2009 13:43

Title: Triple Chocolate Mint Fudge Ripple
Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: R (for language)

Word Count: 310

Prompt: 012. Vanilla  (Skipping 011 because it is not smutty enough yet)

Apologies: Late in the Fuck-Buddies Era

This one's sort of short, so if you want it, and if I have a chance, I'll put the next one up tonight.

“Do you guys ever have normal sex?”

Emily raised an eyebrow at JJ’s petulant expression.  “You mean like vanilla?  Because I think normal for you is going to have one more cock than it does for us.”

JJ flushed.  “I don’t like calling it vanilla.  It’s my favorite kind of ice cream and it sounds derogatory.”

“Well, if it’s your favorite kind of sex too…”  Emily grinned.  “Or is it?”

JJ looked down.  “I don’t know.  What counts as vanilla?”

“You’re the one who asked if we ever had normal sex.  What counts as normal for you?”

“It’s not as if there’s no variety.  Will goes down on me, and sometimes I’m on top.”

Emily considered this.  “When you’re on top what sort of things do you say?”

“What?” JJ squeaked.

“Well, if you say ‘oh, your big cock feels so wonderful inside of me,’ it means something different than if you say, ‘hold still, you little bitch, while I fucking ride you to oblivion!’”

JJ gave her a terrified look.  “I don’t say either of those sort of things.”

“Then it’s vanilla.”

JJ pouted.  “Just because I don’t talk dirty?”

“Do you talk at all?”

“Sometimes,” JJ shrugged.  “I mean, I used to do it more, tell him what to do and where to go, but he’s pretty much got a handle on it now.  We don’t need to talk all the time.”

“That’s why they call it vanilla.  It’s simple.  It’s direct.  It gets the job done.  But it’s not… decadent.”  Emily smiled, and then walked away down the hall.

JJ stared after her, a hot burning jealousy overtaking her flesh.  She had never really wanted anything different than what she had, but there was something about the way Emily smiled when she said the word ‘decadent’ that made her unbelievably curious to find out what she meant.

criminal minds, jj, ficlet, x-men, citrus taste, emma/emily

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