Waterfall Strainers

Sep 14, 2009 12:47

 Title: Waterfall Strainers
Author: Alsike

Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over

Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 639

Prompt: 008. Shower Sex

Apologies: Fuck-buddies-era.  (This is probably a misnomer, but if i called it the angsty-co-dependent period, it would never change.)

All of these are probably going to be in my insane X-Men/Criminal Minds crossover universe, or AU from that. The smut should generally stand on its own.


“No.”  Emma flashed her an irritated look.  “If you won’t listen to me, I won’t continue having this conversation.  I’m going to bed.”

She left the room and in a moment Emily could hear the shower running.  Emily sank her head into her hands.  She hadn’t meant to fight over it, but there was only so long you could put up with the pressure and be gentle and forgiving as well.  But they were both tired.  Emma couldn’t say that she was the only one who was exhausted and overwhelmed from chasing some weird alien monster through Chicago.  She didn’t have to try and explain it to the parents of the children it had eaten.  Emily was too tired to deal with the “you should quit your job and be my love slave,” argument.  It was getting more and more tempting, but the answer was still going to be “no.”

Emily stood up and shook off her exhaustion.  It was time to play dirty.  Emma always played dirty, and she learned from the best.  She stripped and walked into the bathroom, pulling a robe over her shoulders.

“Go away,” Emma mumbled from behind the curtain.  Emily decided not to mention that it was actually her hotel room, and just opened the curtain.  She stepped back and took a long look at Emma, naked and wet, bruises marring her pale skin.

Emma glared at her.  “What the fuck do you want?”  Her eyes were red.

“I want you to shut up,” Emily said harshly, and Emma blinked in surprise.


“Shut-up and get on your knees.”

Emma’s jaw went slack, and then she gave a slow, wicked smile.  “You want me on my knees?”

“I want you to shut up.”  Emily let the robe drop to the floor.  “If I have to gag you, I will.”

“But it’s no fun if I can’t use my mouth.”

“Just get down!”  Emily grabbed her shoulder and pushed.  Emma resisted for a moment, just to show she could, and then dropped compliantly onto the bottom of the tub.  Emily stepped in, the spray brushing her shins.  She moved forward, guiding Emma back, until the spray moved up to her thighs and her stomach.  She pressed against Emma’s chin, and the kneeling woman snapped at her fingers.

Emily buried her fist in her hair and jerked down sharply.  Emma’s head tipped back and the water hit her face and ran down it in waves.  It hurt, the strain was visible on her face, but she didn’t fight back, she didn’t turn diamond.  Emily kept her fingers twined tightly in the mass of hair, kept the reins on, and kissed her.

*            *            *

“What is it?”  Emily was in a bathrobe, toweling her wet hair, when she answered the knocking and shouting at her door.  She seemed slightly unfocused and a little shaky (very waterlogged), and Morgan surreptitiously pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.

“We…”  Reid eyed her curiously.  “We were worried.  Your shower’s been on for the past three hours.”

Morgan just stared, his jaw hanging open.

“Oh,” Emily frowned.  “I didn’t realize it had been that long.”

Reid waved his hands.  “Not a big deal.  Just… looking out for water shortages, you know.”

“Thanks.”  Emily gave him an odd look.  The door clicked shut.

Reid turned to Morgan.  “Did she look…”

“Well-fucked?” Morgan filled in with a lecherous grin.

Reid frowned.  “I was going to say exhausted.”

Morgan flipped open his phone and showed Reid the photo.  “This, my man, is going up on My MySpace page, with ‘Well-Fucked’ as a caption, immediamente.”

Reid still seemed dissatisfied.  “I thought the X-Men went home.”

Morgan patted Reid on the back as they started down the hall back to their rooms.  “You’re forgetting, young grasshopper.  Prentiss’ girlfriend - has a private jet.”

criminal minds, ficlet, x-men, citrus taste, emma/emily

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