Friends Only

Jan 08, 2018 01:37

So since people seem to keep friending me and then asking "why don't you ever update?" i'm going to post this. my journal is Friends Only. see...

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just ask me and i'm usually pretty good at friending people. and i have about 150 interests(actually more but that's all LJ will let me have) so let's at least have ONE thing in common. i'm pretty eclectic with my interests. so anything, pick something. Pirates?? Winchesters?? Disney?? Vampires?? Ian Somerhalder??? because friending someone who has NONE of the same interests as just a bit weird.

and i don't deal with drama. don't bring that to my journal. i graduated high school years ago thanks, i don't need to put up with it on livejournal all over again!

the only posts i make that are NOT friends only, are usually my reviews.
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