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Feb 18, 2016 13:06

so my mother-in-law was over yesterday and we were trying to figure out a day for this shower. we settled on April 16th. i wasn't exactly thrilled because i knew it would be close to Tristan's birthday, but i figured it was kind of our only option and since it's so small it won't really be a huge deal.

after all the hoopla with her wanting all these people we got it down to 21 people which i think is fine. and i'm betting at least 5 of them won't show up.

so then she calls me later that day to tell me that her sister-in-law, Adam's aunt Linda, can't make it on the 16th. Her daughter-in-law is having a shower here on April 9th, and then she's having one where her parents are(a few hours away) on the 16th, so she won't be able to make it. I tried telling her "well that's ok if Linda can't make it, not everyone is going to be able to come" but she was insistent on her coming.

So we then changed the date to April 2nd. No big deal.

i sent her a text today to ask her when she wanted me to order the invitations since i can print them out from my computer.

she calls me and now all of a sudden we can't do the 2nd, either. apparently Bernie is giving her a hard time because the week before is Easter and she'll be "too exhausted" from that. ok...a week later, though? and she's not even doing anything for this shower, she just has to show up for a few hours. so strange.

so i said let's move it back to the 16th. no we can't do that, Linda can't come then! omggggggg.

she starts trying for all these other days and none of them work. she said March but i told her next week is already the end of February and we can't give people only 2 weeks notice for this. the end of March is Easter. April 2nd we can't do because Bernie doesn't want to, April 9th we can't because it's Kelly's shower, April 16th we can't because it's her other shower and Linda can't make it, the following week is the week before Tristan's birthday party and i didn't want to do that back to back, May 1st is his party, and May 8th is Mother's Day weekend.

i told her i really don't want to go any further than that, because i'll be huge and uncomfortable and most likely not want to sit there for that long, and also with my first pregnancy i was on rest for the last month and idk if they'll do that again or not this time.

it's so frustrating that she's making this huge deal about this. pick a date! not everyone is going to come, and that's fine! i mean that's even expected, you know? if they want to get a gift, send it or something. why is she trying to work around everyone else's schedule....except mine??

and i am a little annoyed at Bernie making a big deal about the week after Easter. really? first of all, she's the one that has Easter as this 2 day thing. most of the family doesn't even go the first day, anyway. we've all tried telling her to stop having it but she won't. and she doesn't have to do anything aside from show up to this shower so why is she acting like it's this huge inconvenience to her? she doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to, and i would totally understand if she came to me and told me that.

seriously why is this a huge deal?? this was supposed to be LESS STRESSFUL than the first one. less people, more fun, no involvement from my mother. now it's just as stressful i swear.

Bernie already called me earlier, i'm sure to talk to me about this, but i couldn't answer. *sigh* i guess i better call her back and see what she has to say.

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