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Feb 16, 2016 21:38

my sleep has been AWFUL lately omggggggg. last night i woke up at like 5am and i was wide awake and started getting frustrated because this has been happening a lot and i'm getting no sleep.

plus i'm also STILL SICK. it's been a week and a half and my nose is still stuffy. it's not as bad, i can breathe out of it, but it's still stuffy and i'm still blowing it. arghhhhhh.

i wound up taking half of one of my anxiety pills when i woke up at 5 because i knew i was just going to be a mess for the rest of the day if i didn't. i took it and fell asleep within 15 minutes. was a little groggy waking up but nothing to bad.

and then i actually did a lot around the house today. i did the dishes and cleaned the sink and the kitchen, i dusted in the living room and then did a lot of playing with Tristan. two of his therapists came this morning, one other one canceled because the weather was so bad.

Adam was supposed to work a double but they let him go a little early around 2. they also canceled my crocheting class because of the weather, and so thankfully Adam was going to be here for bath time. he told me to let him sleep until 6, and then he'd go back to bed when Tristan went to bed.

so i took a nap when Tristan did and woke up at 3 and got him up. started doing a few more things and went to the bathroom and noticed some bleeding :/ i mean i felt fine otherwise and it was very light pink, but i called my doctor anyway because i was nervous. she told me for now to keep an eye on it. if it gets worse or if i get cramping then i'll have to go to the hospital. otherwise take it easy and she'll check me out during my appointment Thursday. the bleeding stopped within a half hour and the baby has been moving so hoping everything is good.

with my first pregnancy i kept bleeding in the last month but they could never find anything and said everything looked fine, but they took me out of work early so i could rest. i guess i should just try and take it easy and do things at a slower pace? i was just excited to FINALLY feel somewhat motivated for once lol

we have to start cleaning out the other bedroom upstairs and cleaning the rug and then we'll have to paint it. i want to get the room set up so we can slowly transition Tristan to his bedroom being upstairs. we're going to do it all in Mickey Mouse. all of his new stuff already in his room now is Mickey. his bed set, his hamper, his toy box, so we'll do more stuff in the room upstairs. i hope he likes it and i hope he does well with the change. i want him in that room before the baby even gets here if we can.

Tristan had a good day today, it was nice. i tried playing with him for a good amount of time, and then he was pretty good at keeping himself occupied. he still has an issue every time Adam and i sit down to eat dinner for some reason. he ALWAYS gets bad then even when i tell him beforehand. but that was the only time he was bad really today. surprisingly since he went to sleep so late last night!!

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