May 15, 2015 13:23

Let's talk about that Vampire Diaries finale, shall we??

so needless to say i think Alaric needs to just stop with this dating thing. especially if his girlfriends all wind up somehow becoming friends with any of his friends. it's not going to end well.

i'm thrilled that Kai is dead. everyone loved him but to me he was just obnoxious. you know, that annoying middle child that always tries to get your attention so they do everything they can even if it makes you scream at them?? that's what Kai was. no thank you. i don't see how he was "the best villain on the show" but then again fandom also thought Katherine was a great villain as well so...

let's also mention the fact that poor Jo gets stabbed to death by her brother on her wedding day thus killing herself and her two unborn children and everyone's focus is of course on Elena who is still alive but in a coma. no one thought to go run over to Jo and give her some vampire blood to heal her??

the entire episode was so dull and slow with all of the ~Elena montages~ they've had. so many characters on this show have died and none of them got an hour long send off. i don't care if she is a main character or not.....that was just way too much. all of those sappy goodbyes for someone who isn't even dead?? half of them will see her again when she wakes up.

also, this ~magical coma~ i can't even........what else are they going to rip off from the Buffyverse?? and why are they leaving her in a coffin at their house? isn't she still alive?? HOW IS SHE SUPPOSED TO BREATHE IN A COFFIN??

also, with all of them getting inside her mind to say "goodbye" or whatever......i thought only vampires could do that?? how were they ALL able to do it? and don't give me the "oh a vampire helped them! remember Caroline held Elena and Bonnie's hand?" because no.....Jeremy was there and did it all on his own. as well as Alaric.

and speaking of Jeremy........his only living relative essentially died to him(since he's still just a human) and we get a whole 2 minutes of screen time and he's just kind of like "oh well this sucks. peace!!" i mean really?? and i love how he and Bonnie were finally in a room together after he thought she died and didn't even look at each other.

i love Steroline, i really do. but the whole entire setup is just so weird at this point. with all of the seasons going on about how Elena and Stefan were ~soul mates~ and their dopplegangers kept finding each other......now he's moved on with Caroline? it's just so strange.

of course they bonded Bonnie's life to Elena's. OF COURSE!! and i couldn't even with Elena's goodbye to her "ohhhh let me make this sacrifice so you can life!" bitch, what?? and if you didn't?? you'd be fine with one of your best friends dying?? of course you would, because you're a piece of shit who only cares about whatever guy she's shacking up with at the moment.

i'm so angry about this "vampires who are witches" nonsense. i mean just a few seasons ago we learned that that was not possible. and now all of a sudden ~whoops my bad we really can be both and also we can magically heal wolf bites! yay!~ it's so lazy i can't even.....

sometimes i really wonder what these writers are thinking. there are so many plot holes and retcons that happen.....if the fans notice, surely that should be able to notice as well??

i want to know what happens if someone kills Elena, while she's still in this coma state? will that free Bonnie? because if so, can we got on that? i don't want Elena alive at all.

and what was that ending? apparently a time jump? Matt is now a police officer patrolling the town while Damon sits up on the clock tower overlooking the shitty town.

and don't even get me started on Lily. i've been saying since they introduced her this season that it was a bad idea to bring her out of that prison world but of course these dumbfucks release her. what kind of mother?? seriously?? because it seems like even when you become a vampire, you still have all of those same ties to your family and friends. and i don't think she turned off her humanity considering she "loves" all of those random vampires and for some reason Enzo(who she met once like 60 years ago or something so idk why she seems to like him?) so i'm just going to assume she was always a shitty mother and never cared about or even wanted her kids.

seriously........this finale was a goddamn mess. i think they focused way too much on wanting to give Nina this great big send off that the forgot about most of the actual plot. "oh let's put her in a coma!" "why is she in a coma?" "WHO CARES!! EVERYONE CAN SAY GOODBYE THAT WAY!!"

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