Oct 14, 2014 21:53

i woke up this morning feeling like CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAP omg. my neck was killing me. Adam worked midnights so i got up with Tristan and fed him breakfast. by the time Adam got home at 8:15 this morning i had already thrown up once. he watched Tristan until 9:30 and then my parents came over and watched him until about 11. i was contemplating on even going into class today. but i missed so much already so i stuck it out.

i went in a little early since this week is the crazy busy week for the floral class. today the flowers came in so we had to prep them all. when i went in before class, there was ONE other girl from my class there. when i stayed after class, i was the ONLY one there from our class. my teacher and her mother were there too, but i was kind of pissed that only 2 of us were there. i even mentioned it to her and i said "i hope this isn't a preview of how this week is going to go" and she agreed.

i had my massage today at 5:30. i NEEDED it omg!! it's weird because, i felt so sore beforehand and i still feel sore, but it's not like what it was before. i'm going to take some tylenol and i'm icing it right now.

i talked with my mom about my neck this morning. she even said she doesn't think that school is a good idea right now. i mean, i'm going to finish up this semester but i don't think it's a good idea to spread myself so thin while i'm having so many issues with my neck. school will always be there. i can go back when kids are in school and that way i'll be able to rest a lot more when i need to.

i'm a little upset by it. i really wanted to do it, but my health comes before anything else.

i'm also thinking about getting a second opinion. just to see what they would say. and then i'm going to apply for SSDI.

i've gotten so much better tho with realizing that i should probably just stay at home. at first i was so upset about it for the longest time, i was always the person who was independent and could do things on my own. i've learned that that's not me anymore, and it's ok. and you know what? it's better off i can take care of my kids at home. i enjoy watching Tristan grow and learn. there are some rough times for sure, but he's getting better. i just wish he would talk!! i don't think he'd get so frustrated if he could talk to me lol

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