Teen Mom

Sep 18, 2013 21:52

does anyone else watch those Teen Mom shows? i've been watching since the first season of 16 and Pregnant. those kids...they just don't realize what they're getting into. some of them i feel bad for, and some of them i think are complete idiots.

Teen Mom 3 has been airing the past few weeks. i feel so bad for all of the babies involved in the show. all of those kids argue with each other like crazy in front of those babies. and then there's the babies...looking all sweet and innocent. idk...i just feel really bad.

plus this season there's Katie...i feel REALLY bad for her. her boyfriend is just such a piece of shit. he says some horrible things to her and she just seems like a nice girl.

lmao idk why i feel so much for these people but seriously....babies shouldn't be having babies.

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