Tracy Spiridakos To Play The Lead In Fox Pilot

Mar 01, 2016 17:00

Tracy Spiridakos To Play The Lead In Fox Pilot 'Recon', Alexander Siddig To Co-Star

Former Revolution star Tracy Spiridakos has landed the lead in Recon, Fox's drama pilot executive produced by The Vampire Diaries' co-developers/exec producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. Set to co-star opposite Spiridakos in the pilot, written by TVD exec ( Read more... )

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ivy_b March 1 2016, 15:04:20 UTC
I don't think the show will interest me enough to watch, but good for Tracy getting more leading roles. I've loved Alexander Siddig since DS9, but I'm not here for him potentially being typecast and playing a terrorist.


marciaelena March 1 2016, 17:40:58 UTC
I'll watch *anything* for Tracy. I've been watching Quantico just to see Graham Rogers and that show is pretty bad. I tried watching Zoo, but that one was so ridiculous that I couldn't keep doing it, not even for Billy.

I've loved Alexander Siddig since DS9 too. Who knows, there might be more to his role and the plot of the show than what we're getting from that blurb.

Oh, also, I think it's funny that Tracy's going to play an FBI analyst, because Graham's character in Quantico is an FBI analyst too.


ivy_b March 1 2016, 17:50:19 UTC
I can't watch shows I'm not interested in, no matter how much I may love the actor. Haven't seen Quantico or Zoo, don't really have an interest in either, with all my love for Billy Burke.

Maybe there'll be more to the role, we'll see, I guess I'm just a bitter Siddig fan since I've been dying to see him in something decent since DS9 (don't watch GoT but I doubt he has much of a role there) and he's mostly cast as terrorists.

LOL, I can imagine some of the crossover au fics that will be written for those two, definitely amusing the two ended up being FBI analysts.


sasha_b March 2 2016, 15:03:49 UTC

I watched some of Zoo. It had promise, but I wasn't interested enough to finish, even for Billy as you say. I wanted to like it more than I did. Alexander Siddiq I've always loved (DS9!!) and you're right, his part in GOT was/is small. I would like to not see him typecast, and this show sounds infinitely boring. I love Tracy too, and want her to get parts, but...I love David the most, and his new show sounds like I wouldn't like it either. :( I need them to get parts in things that interest ME. LOL.

Love to you ladies. Hope you're both doing good?


ivy_b March 2 2016, 15:23:57 UTC
Sasha! I'm fine, how are you?

It really sucks that none of these new shows are ones I'm interested in, much as I'm hoping for the best for Billy, Tracy and David. This new show really doesn't sound that interesting and it'd be even worse if Alexander Siddig is playing a terrorist that Tracy needs to befriend and stop. He deserves better than that. Why can't all these people be in shows I want to watch?


marciaelena March 2 2016, 19:06:18 UTC
Hey bb. <3 I'm okay, same old, same old. What about you? Hope you've been good. I miss the good old days of this comm.

That's definitely not the kind of show I'd choose to follow, but I mean it, I'd watch absolutely anything just to see Tracy. I absolutely adore her.


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