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Jul 20, 2015 12:14

Let’s get this shindig started! With a touch of the lash and a lick of creativity,The Orgy Armada declares prompting for The Second Coming officially open!

Take a gander at the list below and if that intriguing idea that’s been taunting you for days and weeks and months isn’t there - email us at theorgyarmada@gmail.com.  Fluff, crack, angst, porn - it’s all welcome!

NB: Prompts can mention characters but should not specify a pairing.

Here’s 100 to get you started!  (links to the tumblr post)  And here be the Rules.

There’s no limit to how many prompts you can send us, though we will disambiguate if they are too similar to what we already have ...   get prompting! Prompts by email to theorgyarmada@gmail.com please. The prompts masterlist will live on tumblr, updated as regularly as we can manage, and we will keep you updated here on LJ with regular posts linking  to that master:D


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