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Jul 19, 2015 01:31

Revellers, hello.

Myself and partner-in-crime  hayjbsg have stolen mustbethursday3 to help us with an exciting project.  Not only did we steal Thursday, we repurposed an old fandom rallying cry to name our tumblr-based shrine to all the ships ever sailed in the Revolution fandom: The Orgy Armada.  And what better way to launch the Armada than a fanworks challenge to kick off our fourth year at sea, now freshly liberated from the chains of canon!

Who are we? Co-captaining the Armada are jaqofspades and hayjbsg, who have recruited as Quartermaster the multitalented Vanessa (monroe-militia).  Thursday ( lightgamble) has agreed to join us as first mate, even though she'll be busy keeping this ship in trim.  (As long as we promise rum, she promises to squawk sage aphorisms in our direction. Or make gifsets. Since this is a 21st Century Armada.)

Over at the Armada, we all ship different things (okay, some of us ship ALL THE THINGS) but we do agree on one, vital fact: there can never be enough Revolution fic, art or vids. And while some think cancellation of a show was the end, we say nay.

Actually, being profanity-prone types, we say “no fucking way.”

Revolution premiered on September 17, 2012, and was cancelled 42 episodes later, then briefly revived as a four-issue comic book which proved more or less unsuccessful in satisfying fandom's desire for answers.  Now that we are liberated of our uncaring masters, and we are free of the twists and turns of remorseless canon, it is time to take back the revolution.

Time, Revellers, to write. And draw.  And vid.

The challenge!

We all have that otp we love to play with over and over again, and nobody wants to stop you creating for your otp.  But in the interests of seeing more Revolution fanworks, about more of our fascinating cast of characters, let’s think bigger than that.  More.  Twice as big!

Come join us in the mad frenzy of creation that is Revolution: The Second Coming, starting … five, four, three, two, one …

Anchors away!

July 20:  (noon, Australian EST: use our countdown timer!), we’ll put up the list of prompts we’ve written - whether you are a writer, artist or fanvidder, we hope you’ll find something you love.  If you don’t, simple: inbox us or comment to our prompts post at nbc_Revolution, and if it doesn’t overlap too precisely with anything we have - your prompt is in!

August 1: claim a prompt (or six), and spin each idea two different ways by choosing two sets of people to celebrate with/lead astray/die horribly!

You can work with a friend, split your claim across different fanworks (ie art, fic, fanvids etc), or write one long story and one short one: all we ask  is that each claim for a prompt produces two fanworks, for two different ships.

As an example:

The power comes back on and Willoughby parties into the night. (Claimed by jaqofspades for Bass/Charlie, and Aaron/Rachel.)

or ...

It's Charlie's 30th birthday,  but she never expected to be celebrating quite this way  (claimed by hayjbsg for Miles/Charlie and Bass/Miles/Nora/Charlie.

or ...

It’s a big, blue, Spanish sky, (claimed by lightgamble for Miles/Bass and Charlie/Nora.)

September 17: Start posting your fic, fanvids and art!  On your LJ, at A03, at Fanfiction.net, or on tumblr: just make sure to send us a link to your work either via submission to The Orgy Armada, or as a post on the nbc_Revolution page.

Rules and guidelines

* Prompts accepted: July 20-July 31.  Claiming: August 1-August 31. Posting: September 17-30.

* Queries can be directed to our The Orgy Armada’s ask box, or our email: theorgyarmada.gmail.com.

* Fic fills must be at least 500 words for each pairing.

* If you’d like to split your claim with a friend - they write one pairing, you write another, or you write, and they create art etc … feel free!  But remember - the aim of the challenge is to create fanworks for as many characters and ships as possible.

* Prompts can be claimed more than once, but only once for each pairing.  (So, even though lightgamble has claimed “blue spanish sky” for Miles/Bass and Charlie/Nora, someone else could still claim it for say, Jason/Connor/Charlie, and Nora/Miles.)

* Any two or more characters qualify as a pairing for this challenge, whether the relationship is sexual, antagonistic, familial, or pure friendship.

* Fanworks can be posted whenever suits you from noon, September 17 through to noon, September 30 (AEST: here’s our countdown clock!)

* Fanfic should be posted on tumblr, at A03 or Fanfiction.net, with links provided in a post made to the nbc_revolution LJ comm and/or a submission to theorgyarmada.tumblr.com.

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