Eric Kripke: Live Q&A (*Spoilers?*)

May 02, 2015 10:53

Okay so that happened, and it lasted a whole 33 minutes - but he did answer some really good questions in that time, so let's get them out and scrutinize them...

Q1. Did you guys have a calculated plan to release the first comic on May 4th? #MayTheFourthBeWithYou
No, not really, but now that you brought it up my answer from now on is yes absolutely. - Eric

Q2. My Question is will we see what is happening on different continents and are those people controlled by the Nano as well?
We won't see what happens on different continents but there is no question that the nano is a worldwide problem and our heroes fighting for the future of the entire planet. - Eric

Q3. Is Truman part of the comic...and will we finally see him killed off? (Preferably by Miles..but anybody will do)
Yes and yes. - Eric

Q4. My question is about Bass became he is by far my favorite character...Will he be forgiven? It seems like all of Miles sins were just forgotten, but that Bass keeps paying for his even though many of their sins were committed together ?
I'm not sure if Bass can entirely be forgiven for all the genocide... but it's a lot! It's heavy. But he is a member of the team now and he is a hero along with the others and I think his story gets an ending that is true to that character. - Eric

Q5. Who is really in control...the nanos or our renegade gang?
That is the whole conflict of the final storyline - who is in control and who will ultimately win the fight for humanity. - Eric

Q6. Will we see more backstory Miles, Bass & Rachel in the comics?
We actually won't see more backstory, we feel like we covered a lot of that territory in the series and wanted to focus on the nano story but there will be some surprises and Ben Matheson will make a surprise appearance, among others. - Eric

Q7. Was it liberating being able to utilise the comic book format, without budget constraints etc being a factor? How different is it to write?
In some ways, it's quite different to write a comic because you're telling your story with drawings and space and image, instead of rhythm, performance, and action. They're quite different muscles. To me, it really feels like the show and it's been fun because I definitely feel like I'm working on the show again - the dialogue feels like those characters and the show feels like show's tone. Feels like home! - Eric

Q8. Hello Mr. Kripke! Thank you so much for creating a wonderful series and then taking time to answer our questions!I was wondering (it's a little minor detail), but is Charlie's scar (from getting branded) going to be mentioned at all in the comic?
Well, one, you're very welcome and thank you for being a fan, it means a lot. Two, no reference to the scar in the comic, we don't have the time to cover everything but if some fans start getting Monroe scar tattoos that would be great. - Eric

Q9. Will we by chance see Miles and Bass grow stronger as friends once again? Also will we see any Civil war references from Bass since he's really into the Civil War?
Yeah! One of the things I love most that the writers have done with the comic is that they really captured the brotherly relationship between Miles and Monroe. You really feel like Miles and Monroe are back with their bantering and smart ass quips and the way they fight for each other. No, no Civil War references in this one. - Eric

Q10. My question would be about Tom Neville. He is one of my favorite characters, will he appear in the comic? I feel some kind of pity about how much he has lost, I would like to have a good ending for him.
Yeah! Neville plays a very large role in the comic when we last left him he was following visions to Bradbury which will be the center of the nano and when we find him in the comic he's pretty much the spokesman for the nanotech. He plays a very crucial role. - Eric

Q11. Will other cast members have some input on the comics like Tracy?
Tracy definitely had the most input because she came in and hung with the writers all day which makes her quite brave because writers don't smell particularly good. And I had been in touch with other actors and discussed the comic with them. They've all given their nod but Tracy was the only one to jump in the room with us. - Eric

Q12. At the risk of being greedy and asking too many questions...Will Connor and Charlie talk about Emma at all (since Charlie did witness his mother's death)? And Monroe knows that Miles didn't kill her right? That was discussed at some point off camera?
No, they won't speak of Emma because we had to get to the biggest and bloodiest moments but Connor is in the story and does trigger some shocking plot moves.Yes, my feeling is that they must have had some conversation about it. Miles wasn't responsible for her death because otherwise Monroe would try to kill Miles daily. - Eric

Q13. Btw, is this going to be free? And at the end we can will buy the comic or a compendium of the 4?
Yes, it is free! It's a gift to the fans, go to on Monday and read for free. - Eric

Q14. Will civilization be found again? And will these comics be sold un-digitized?
Yes! The whole thrust of the storyline was about the rebuilding of civilization so our heroes will rebuild something but just at a terrible cost. - Eric

Q15. Forget the comics...bring the show back!!! If stupid and non sence shows are on air... Im sure getting sponsors shouldnt be an issue.
Look, you guys are a damn smart fan base, so I'll pay you the respect of a straight answer. This is a financial issue. We're a big, honkin', expensive sci-fi show, so to make another season, or even a reunion movie, would take tens of millions of dollars. Much more than we could raise on Kickstarter. And up to this point at least, no one with that kind of cash has expressed interest. So most of this is out of my control. What's in my control right now is the writing-- which is why we're doing this comic-- so we can get the story to the fans. As for the future-- who knows? That's up to the powers-that-be. Let them know how you feel-- that's the best advice I could give…. - Eric

Q16. What was the biggest challenge in developing the comics?
Definitely for me the biggest challenge was that we're a big, sprawling show, and finding a way to take our whole mythology and bring it to an epic conclusion in 4 issues was really hard. Also to make sure that there were all the character moments and emotion that everybody expect from Revolution. Juggling that in a limited amount of space was challenging but the writers did a fantastic job and I can't wait for you all to see it! - Eric

Q17. Were there any characters or stories you were unable to include in this comic but wish you could have?
Yeah, I really loved the season 3 storyline we had cooked up. It was a whole treasure hunt storyline that really would have been fun and exciting. I'm sad that we don't get to tell that story but I'm glad we get to wrap up the whole grand mythology. - Eric

Q18. You must be aware of the popularity of Charlie and Monroe, will the comics see them interact, spar, talk, fight, team up, get captured again...?
They will definitely fight beside each other but sadly for the Charlie/Monroe fans there will be no making out.

Q19. Will the comic have flashbacks? Or flashforwards?
Yes, it will have both! - Eric

Q20. Will the comics follow what you guys had planned for season 3?
A little bit, because the comic is wrapping up the entire storyline, we dropped a lot of the smaller details in season 3 and instead are really focusing on the whole nano-technology and mythology of the show, and really plunging head on and fast into wrapping up the big grand storyline of the show which normally would have taken us 3 years to do, we're doing in 4 chapters. - Eric

Q21. Is Charlie actually Miles Daughter? or is it something you will address in the comic?
It is definitely something we will address in the comic. - Eric

Q22. Is my favorite screwdriver-wielder going to end up okay? I genuinely worry about Rachel Matheson’s happiness and general well-being so I feel like I have to ask.
Rachel really reveals herself to be a true hero, and she's just as fiery and screwdriver wielding as always. Whether she ends up okay, you'll have to read to find out! - Eric

Q23. Loved the show on TV, is it possible to get the comic in Ireland/UK?
Yeah! As long as you have the internet you can get the comic. - Eric

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So overall? I think a small gathering of fans tossing questions into the air can generate a fairly good interview. And some of these answers have got me wondering if I have time to (hunt down my muse and) write something, before canon spoils my headcanon on Monday (especially in regards to the Miles and Charlie question, *winces* I don't want that answered)

  • The comic is free.
  • If you have the internet you can get the comic.
  • They're going to address the 'Is Charlie Miles' kid?' question because they have no respect for my headcanon and shipping preferences.
  • Monroe's still on team Matheson. (wooo)
  • It sounds like Rachel gets to show off.
  • Connor will appear somewhere. (duh)
  • There will be blood.
  • Ivy, if you're reading this - BEN MATHESON MAKES 'A SURPRISE APPEARANCE' O_O
  • Miloe are back together.
  • Bass and Charlie won't be making out, but they will be fighting together.
  • There will be nothing about Charlie's brand. Because why would that be interesting to several members of her family? There's simply no time for it.
  • Truman dies. (about time!)

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