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Apr 28, 2015 08:25

So mustbethursday3 said if we'd written fanfic, post it.

Here's my AO3 page and my Revo fic. I did just post a new one! I'm trolling for comments! I have no shame! I love you all! *snort*

At any rate, here it is. <3333

sasha_b on AO3 Revolution fic

(fw): fanfic

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marciaelena April 28 2015, 17:19:35 UTC


sasha_b April 28 2015, 22:45:17 UTC
Oooh I like that icon. <3


mustbethursday3 April 29 2015, 04:59:58 UTC
I don't generally read Miloe, I mean it's just in fics - because it's a canonly intense relationship - but lol you're 'trolling for comments' thing got me, so I went, OH why not. I'm just waiting for the groceries to show up. I'm bored.

...And suddenly I'm wondering if Bass hadn't been revealed to be still among the living so quickly, or if he had died in 2.06 if maybe Miles would have considered taking himself out. And omg Sasha I was here for some light feels. *laughs* You're just all in right now aren't you? And now I'm kind of mad at Rachel again (in an irritated, pick a side and stay there way. Like, he's family or he's not family. You care about Miles' feelings or you don't care. You accept Miles - and his past, which includes and features Bass - or you don't)...sigh.

So yeh I skimmed and now I have to go back and read the full thing, thank you very much. I might comment if the groceries don't get here soon.

Also, PS - Thanks for posting :D


sasha_b April 30 2015, 00:26:38 UTC
LOL you're welcome? ;)

I'm such a shipper for these two that I tend to get overly...involved when it's them that speak to me. So there's no such thing as light feels when it comes to me. *snort*

I saw your other response and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do that. I love AO3 and their kudos system, but I'm more interested in comments as that gives me more detail and tells me who's invested enough to leave them. So thanks again. xo


mustbethursday3 May 1 2015, 15:36:58 UTC
Awwwwh, well I know how important comments are to writers (I used to be one...a million years ago. Now every time I write something I feel like I'm faking lol). So how could I not?

P.S Your comments to my comments made me happy, so thank you right back :)


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