Episode Discussion (Rewatch): 1x11 & 1x12

Jan 18, 2015 01:56

1.11. The gang flee from a newly functional Militia helicopter. And realising their choices are limited, they decide to align with the rebels in their fight against Monroe's forces. Splitting off from the group, Rachel and Miles go in search of anti-air weaponry - seeking out John (Leland Orser), a former scientist colleague of Rachel's. While Charlie and Nora go to deliver the warning to the rebels. A skittish John informs Rachel that Randall has captured Grace. Meanwhile Charlie and the others arrive to find the word's out and the mood among the rebels is grim with Commander Ramsey no longer believing they can win. Stationed outside the rebel camp, Neville and Jason spot Charlie, causing an already unsettled Jason to refuse his father's order to call in an air strike.

1.12. While Miles and Nora decide to go in search of his old top officers, the ones who supported his assassination attempt on Monroe, starting with Jim Hudson. Rachel, Charlie and Aaron go to the rebels' Echo base, an old hospital. Back among the militia, Randall reveals that he can activate the pendants remotely to track them, and he and Monroe seal an uneasy alliance. With a militia escort, Randall manages to capture Rachel and he reveals that with her help, he intends to restore power, but only to a chosen few. Charlie rescues Rachel and they finally share an unguarded moment. Later, Aaron asks Rachel for the truth and she agrees to tell him everything, starting with a place called "The Tower".

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