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Jan 08, 2015 20:12

Tracy Spiridakos is no stranger to television, having had starring roles in teen comedy series Majority Rules! and more recently, NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama Revolution. We had the opportunity to chat with the Winnipeg-born actress, in Vancouver to film her new role in the third season of A&E’s Bates Motel.


As the only member of her family that chose acting as a career, Spiridakos attributes the decision to her interests as a child: “I’m a big goofball and I’ve always loved entertaining my family. I just never really thought of it as an actual job - I never thought that it could actually happen.” She came out to Vancouver in 2007 to pursue acting full-time, scoring small roles in Supernatural and Bionic Woman, before landing the role of Becky Richards, a teen who runs for mayor in her small town, in Majority Rules!. “When I was younger, I just always loved the idea that you [could] tell a story in a way that it [related] to somebody, and you [felt] understood. Being a part of that, being a storyteller, is kind of where the inspiration came from.”


While Spiridakos is lost in the beauty of storytelling across the country, her family is busy with a passion of their own - running the Greek-flavoured Olympia Diner in Winnipeg. On the menu is a variety of signature Greek dishes including chicken pita, moussaka, and calamari. While Spiridakos doesn’t have as much time to spend at the restaurant with her busy schedule (she worked there during high school), it’s always on the top of her list when she returns to her hometown. “Every time I’m home, it’s my first stop,” she reveals. “I literally go from the airport straight there.”


From 2012 to 2014, Spiridakos portrayed Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Matheson on NBC’s Revolution, a series which captured the aftermath of a worldwide blackout fifteen years prior. “Oh man, just one?” she replies when asked to choose her favourite part of portraying the character. “I loved that she was a take charge, no bullshit chick,” she says, adding that Charlie’s growth was a pleasure to witness and be a part of. “In season one, [Charlie] was just sorting out this world, but even if she didn’t know what lay ahead of her, she always believed in herself and [made] a choice. Whatever the outcome was, she owned up to it. She was just a very strong woman, and I very much loved that about playing her, just how badass she was.”

While the show was masked with violence and nation disputes, at the root of the series were themes of love and family. When asked if there were any episodes or scenes in particular that were a challenge for her as an actress, she notes that the most recent one was where Charlie was forced to kill Jason (played by J.D. Pardo). As fans of the show, emotions were high when her character shot Jason - whom was her love interest at one point - in self-defence. “We’re all really good friends, so that scene was saying goodbye to a cast member, and the whole tragedy that went along with that. It was a challenging, yet rewarding one because I love working with J.D. and that scene was crazy on so many levels. It was fun.”


While the show’s fans had fun pairing Charlie with potential love interests, ranging from Jason, to General ‘Bass’ Monroe and his son Connor, Spiridakos is unable to back any of them. “I don’t fall on any of them,” she laughs, “And I couldn’t pick just one - they’re [all] lovely characters and humans.” She adds that because Charlie became tougher in the second season, there was a part of many that would’ve liked to see that intimacy with another character, so the dynamic match-ups were interesting to see unfold.


While the series was cancelled last May, many dedicated fans have continued to petition Revolution’s relocation to another network. “I love our fans,” Spiridakos says with a smile. “Everyone is amazing, and I love that we impacted [people] in such a way that it’s still resonating, after [the show has] been gone for a little bit.” While she can’t speak for the rest of the cast, she would be thrilled to return for another season. “I would love to go back and play with everybody, and get deeper into Charlie, open up more stuff about her for sure.” And, while a new season hasn’t yet been green lit, fans would be happy to hear that the cast continues to remain close. “Elizabeth [Mitchell], Billy [Burke], David [Lyons], we’re all great friends. We try to keep in touch as good as we can with distance and everything.”


While Spiridakos’ role on A&E drama Bates Motel - a prequel to the 1960 film Psycho - has been completely hush hush, it was revealed that she would be recurring as Annika Johnson, “a mysterious woman who shows up at the hotel.” Admitting that she is a huge fan of cast member Vera Farmiga and the show’s storyline, she divulges that she was more than happy to be cast in the project. “The show and its writing are awesome, and their performances are spectacular. I was very excited to join the team.”

Without giving away any specific details, Spiridakos says that her time on-set has been “lovely, and [everyone] is amazing,” noting the show has beautiful sets and direction. Fans will have to wait to catch a glimpse of Annika when the third season premieres in 2015; but we’ll cross our fingers for a teaser clip before then.


In June, it was announced that the actress had been cast opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers in romantic comedy Byrd and the Bees. Spiridakos will portray Rebecca Byrd, an author who travels to Scotland to find her biological father, and ends up with finding love along the way. “We’re going to be filming in April,” she shares. “[It will be] my first time in Scotland, so I’m very excited. I love travelling.”


Having been based out of Vancouver for a number of years earlier in her career, Spiridakos doesn’t shy away from her love of the city - and its rainfall. “I love Vancouver! When I’m here, I try to be outside, even if it’s raining.” Luckily, her latest trip to Vancouver hasn’t been all too wet - just very cold, sunny skies. “I like going for runs outside, going to the water, staring at the mountains, and going on hikes. Those are probably very high on my list of things to do.”


“I’ve been listening to a lot of Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams and BANKS. Those would probably be the ones that I circle around the most at this stage, but I’m all over the map. I listen to Greek music… everything for the most part!”


“I would be dark chocolate with sea salt because it’s my favourite combination of goodness. I think I’m also sweet and salty… [and have] a little sass to me, so I think it’s an accurate portrayal of who I am as a person.”



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