might remember that poll that said we were going to do something this weekend

Jan 03, 2015 22:00

Well, I remembered it very early this morning and may have cursed a little bit - happy New Year btw! - and I'm very much not ready. I've spent the past week on/off fighting with Photoshop and myself...mostly myself. We're still arguing actually. That's what Secret Santa does to me. Coz I think I'm ready and then I'm not. And then I'm so deep in the millionth edit of something that I start to question my ability to self organise. And life. And everything really. Why, everything.

...Anyway, I'm almost done (I know I said that days ago, shut up self) but I'm in neurotic mode right now and I'm completely no fun. So I propose waiting one more week:

New Rewatch Date: Sat 10th / Sun 11th January | Episodes 1.11 & 1.12

Don't hate me  O_o

PS. There's a 30 sec teaser of Tracy in Bates Motel over on YT. Basically nothing happens except creepy peeping.

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