Fic: Some RM2, Some Rass and Some Pure Rachel Love

Oct 08, 2014 07:10

It's been ages, apparently, since I posted links to any of my fic here so I figured I'd do that and help mustbethursday3 push the unfortunate TMZ news further down while I'm at it. (On that subject: *hugs* to everyone - doesn't change why/how much we love our show!)

Title: Murders of Quiet, Domestic Interest
Pairing: Rachel/Miles/Bass
Rating: M
Summary: Miles and Rachel try to "give it a shot" in Austin, fighting Patriots and being respectable, but they're missing a key ingredient in their relationship: Bass. Now it's just a matter of who realizes it first and whether or not Bass and Rachel can learn to share.
Warnings: Sexual Content, Threesome, Post-Series

Title: Of Ghosts and Monsters
Pairing: Rachel/Bass, with references to Rachel/Miles and Bass/Miles
Rating: E
Summary: The details of "that night in Philly." | Based on 219
Warnings: Sexual Content, Captive-Captor Dynamic (I would not go so far as to say this is dub-con as Rachel is very aware of what she's doing but there's always going to be a hint of that in Philadelphia.)

Title: Future Regrets (Fills form 54 Prompts in 54 Days)
Pairing: Rachel/Miles/Bass, a few gen
Rating: M
Summary: A collection of oneshots exploring possible futures for the Mathesons and Monroes, some happy, some very much not so.
Warnings: Sexual Content, Threesome, Some Post-Series, Some Major Character Death (Each chapter is totally independent from each other so you can skip the stuff that hurts too much...)

Title: Bow Before the Stainless Scepter
Pairing: None, per se (You can read it as any combination of Rachel/Miles/Bass but nothing is spelled out.)
Rating: T
Summary: Standing in the window of the Oval Office on a blustery October day, Rachel contemplates her reputation, her mistakes and her responsibilities.
Warnings: Extreme Cynicism, Post-Series

(r): r-rated, (g): future!fic, (r): pg-15, (p): rachel/monroe, (fw): fanfic, (r): nc-17, (p): miles/rachel, (g): smut, (l): one shot, (l): multi-chapter

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