Emo Gas Tank

Nov 19, 2012 14:49

Everyone has an emotional gas tank inside them. Inside most of us, our tanks are filled with anger, sadness, fear, or negative emotions. These emotions can build up over time. It's easy for these negative views to interfere with the good vibes in our tanks.

Anger is so easy to spot yet so unpredictable. Anger is like a bad pipe. It can start out like a small leak but build up and accumulate until it explodes all over the floor. It's usually exploding on someone who wasn't aware there was a problem or knew there was some piping issues and ignored it. Either way, you are soaked in your own water.

Patterns begin when we are toddlers. We learn how to eat, to read, and how to pick up bad habits. Once burned, it's easy to become those people that you think are so sad and so bitter. You see them all the time, on the bus or on the freeways of America. Anger is a pattern that just grows over time and can become so vicious that you can't even realize the source of your anger, an emotional time bomb.

There is a solution to this problem. It's so simple yet so hard to remember in the bad times, forgiveness. We should not regret what we said, but regret what we didn't say when we had the chance. Mistakes are a part of life and you can't cut everyone out who makes mistakes.

I think forgiveness is a learned technique. I can't recall how many times I have said that I would never forgive someone for breaking my heart or not saying the words I needed to hear. It's a learned process, forgiving, and its quite hard to do.

I like to think that I have to take my emotional gas tank and just dump all the junk out, let it go. Try and fill it with the good stuff that I need like patience and joy. As I get older, it's becoming more important. There is just not enough time in this life to hold on to anger and sadness.

There is no easy process to get rid of anger. Everything goes away. It's a constant in life. It's impossible to trust the material stuff as it all fades away and we are left with the memories. I guess you have to unstuck yourself from those feelings, those memories. It's impossible to expect people to be perfect as it's just unattainable.

When I get angry, I get sore. I literally feel it in my body. It's not good for your head or your body. I have read studies that indicate that anger can have really strong effects on your body and I think it's true. When I was reading all these stories on Proposition 8 and I could see all the anger and hatred, it made me angry. I was playing right into the gimmick. They had me where they wanted, I was pissed. I was in the Castro on Friday night when the Yes on 8 people flanked the streets and tried to convince people of their way and I just felt angry. I thought the No people took it too far as they are entitled to free speech but I couldn't help but be angry with the lack of consideration of love they were showing for their fellow man. It was disturbing and just made me mad.

I had to let it go. I had to remind myself that I cannot change the world around me until I change my viewpoint on things. I have to address these issues internally and learn to address these things with people in a way where it's not coming from anger, but from education.

It's hard to let it go. I have had several friends today telling me stories of betrayal and anger and I too feel it today. I'm just learning to deal with things differently to get different results. I don't have to approve of the actions that cause my anger but my forgiveness works for me, it's my strength. It's the one thing that allows me to be free. It makes me feel like I am in control of how I feel, not others. I am only hurting myself by being angry and that's just, well, fucked up.

This probably seems like a really long entry about forgiveness but I don't think it's really that long considering how much time I have to spend forgiving. I have to forgive coworkers, friends, family, myself and sometimes God for not understanding why things happen. At the end of the day, I am making a deal with myself. 1) Not to take things too personally. 2) Quit blaming others and dwelling on it. I have decided that these are two actions that I can control and so I won't play into it. I know what's right and wrong and I know what I feel. Fuck anyone who tries to tell me how I feel. That's my job. I'm just going to enjoy life and not worry about the small stuff, join me or get off my road.
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