Fanfic recommendations, winter 2011-2012

Mar 01, 2012 20:09

Nowadays, I read less fanfiction than usual. Russian politics is eating the most of my free time; I became addicted to political blogs and sites, and I spend there too much of my life.
Still, I read fanfiction a bit, and I collect links. Here's my rather short list for the winter 2011-2012. I'm sorry if I omitted somebody.
Rec me stories you enjoyed! I bet that after the elections Russia will descend into its usual political apathy and I'll have enough time to read about Buffy's adventures!

Spuffy long stories, WIPs

Team Slayer by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13. WIP, 9 chapters (ficlets) so far. Alternate season 5. Set-up: Spike didn't return to Sunnydale in season 4. Buffy and friends didn't get to find out about the Initiative except via Riley and Professor Walsh. They took it at face value, and, in the end, Scooby gang was destroyed. Now Buffy slays in Cleveland, alone, until she meets Spike. Together, they have to stop The Initiative.

My Elizabeth by thepuddinhead
NC-17. WIP, 22 chapters so far. Sequel to "Yours, William" (in that story, Buffy decided to stay with William in 1880). In the new installment they come aboard the ship that makes its way to the New World. According to the writer, "it will be darker than “Yours,” and feature vampires, demons and slayers. There will be blood."
Usually, by the time the writer finishes the first story, she usually runs out of obstacles to overcome and leaves the characters in a safe place. There is no need for a sequel, technically. But Thepuddinhead decided to follow in Joss' footsteps and after wrapping up all the storylines in "Yours, William" she started her new story the way Joss starts a new season - creating a new problem, new Big Bad, new settings. Meanwhile the characters got fleshed and developed, while the universe she created became truly fascinating.

Influence of Demons by gabrielleabelle
NC-17. Completed, 71,000 words. Goes AU after S5's Checkpoint. Five years ago, Buffy and Spike fell into a portal to a dimension ruled by demons. Finally, reunited, their goal is to get back home. However, the years in this dimension have changed them. Spike's long isolation keeps him distant, and Buffy's enforced life at a brothel has caused her to forget the Slayer she used to be. Somehow, they'll have to find themselves again to defeat a powerful enemy and make it home.

Dust by knifeedgefic
PG so far, NC-17 later. WIP, 31 chapters. Alternate season 4. Buffy wakes in a Sunnydale that went utterly wrong... Everybody's asleep; the phones are dead; and there is no way out of the town. Buffy's only hope is a certain vampire who managed to stay awake and who was persistent enough to wake her up. Intriguing premise, genre storytelling par excellence, witty dialogues, funny insights into Buffy's and Spike's minds, overall creepy atmosphere -- the story's vitality and finesse make "Dust" one of the most exciting and gripping stories of the year.

Wayward Souls by naughtynyx88
PG-13, WIP, 7 chapters so far. AU since Becoming. Buffy/Spike. Spike sticks around to help Buffy and ends up getting quite a surprise (see the title)... Intriguing start,a promise of fascinating dynamics.

Spuffy short stories

Aftermath by Coalitiongirl
PG, season 9, post-Freefall. After a near-death experience, Buffy and Spike try to redefine their relationship.

The Revenge of Santa Claus by Shapinglight
PG-13, post-TV show. Spike finds himself in the role of Santa. Buffy and Illyria are along for the ride.

A Little Gratitude by Coalitiongirl
PG-13. Spuffy-enhanced end of season 5.

Lover's Dream and Locked by evangelin1202
G. Two drabbles, post-Lovers Walk and post-Something Blue.

Meanwhile, on the fire escape... by Coalitiongirl
G. Pre-season 9. Spike and Buffy are kissing on the fire escape. Six POVs. Fluffy schmoop. Or schmoopy fluff. Whatever you prefer :)

Band-aid by Coalitiongirl
PG. Season 9. Spike, Dawn. Spoilers for upcoming issues of comics.

Most Amazing by a2zmom
PG, drabble, season 9, Buffy/Spike. Possible spoilers for the future issues.

Hell on Wheels by Shapinglight
Season 5. During their flight from Glory Spike has stolen Porsche instead of Winnebago.

A Breach of Confidence by mushroomgal
PG. During “Normal Again”, Spike told Scoobies about his affair with Buffy.

Can't Be Real by tennyo_elf
PG. Season 9. A season 9 Spuffy baby fic. Spoilers for future issues. Warning: it's controversial, so read at your own risk.

Shadows by Coalitiongirl
PG, season 9, post Slayer, Interrupted, Buffy has a decision to make. Buffy, Spike.

Five times the test was positive (and one time it wasn't) by Coalitiongirl
PG. Season 9, spoilers for #5. Buffy has to make a life-changing decision and Spike is there for her.

Loss of Blood by tennyo_elf
PG, season 9, spoilers for issue 8 (due in April). Buffy goes through an ordeal and Spike wants to be there for her.

The Heart in Reverse by Penny_lane_42
PG-13. Season 6. Buffy has never found Spike attractive. Which is weird, seeing as how she's sleeping with him now.

Her Right Hand by gryfndor_godess
PG-13. Season 9, post-#8 (spoilers for a future arc). Buffy and Spike have to cope with a new ordeal...

Ambush by mushroomgal
G. Spike, Dawn, Buffy. A bit of Christmas fun.

Hooked by Readerjane
G. Spike-the-babysitter.

Movie Night by Readerjane
PG, post-series. Buffy and Spike want to rent a Christmas movie.

Leave That Lamp Alone by Brutti_ma_buoni
PG, post-series. A genie offers to grant Spike's three wishes.

Plummet by Coalitiongirl
PG. Season 9, post-Freefall. Spike wants Buffy to have normal, Koh is dubious, Dowling is helpful, and Buffy is one of the above (and also kind of thinks Spike's dumb).

Integrity by readerjane
G, alternate Becoming 2. The first Spuffy alliance comes about a little differently.

The Neighs Have It by readerjane
G, post-series. Spike would do anything for Buffy... would he? Fluff.

Claws by Mushroomgal
G, post-series. Spike, Christmas, kitten... :)

Father of Lies by brutti_ma_buoni
PG, during Chosen. "History is a funny old game."

Overcome by Brutti_ma_buoni
PG, season 6. Buffy, Spike, patrolling, banter. Funny and bittersweet.

Nagging Doubt by mushroomgal
G. "Chosen". Missing scene in the basement.

Numbers Crunch by Anviloverheaven
G. Post-Chosen. A very Spuffy Christmas.

Other ships

Connection by lusciousxander
PG-13. Start of season 9. Xander dreamed about normal life when he couldn't have it. Now magic is dead, vampires are showbiz darlings and slayers are considered murderers. Xander tries to live a life of an average Joe, but it's hard to stay away from the good fight. Xander/Dawn, Xander/Spike, ensemble. Plotty, occasionally funny, occasionally heartbreaking story of a man caught between two worlds.

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow by ashes1753
PG. Alternate late season 5. Runnings away from Glory, Buffy and her team land in Pylea and meet Angel and his team. Buffy/Angel.

67 Characters In Search Of A Memory by beer_good_foamy
PG-13. Post-TV series. At Dawn 's prom, Buffy and Faith find something about each other.

Four times Angel keeps his halloween traditions and one time he doesn't by Landrews
PG-13, Angel, Cordelia. Beautiful character piece.

The Watcher and the Watched: El Santuario by eurydice72
PG-13, post-Chosen. Faith's on the run again, and Wesley offers a partnership to save Angel from W&H's intrigues.

Movie Night by Coalitiongirl
G, season 9. Spike, Xander.

Nothing to Dread by Rebcake
NC-17. Season 2. Christmas. Spike/Drusilla. Exquisitely naughty.

Dialogue between Spike, Anya, Angel, and Cordelia gryfndor_godess
PG-13. Shouldn't they all be happy after reuniting with their loved ones? Fun!

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