Jan 24, 2012 23:46

My main computer stopped working at the end of November. I switched to my netbook because right now I don't have money to buy a new computer. I can't Photoshop on netbook - it's not powerful enough. And, to make matters worse, all my fandom files stayed on the old computer. Thankfully, today a friend of mine promised to help. He copied my personal ( Read more... )

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coalitiongirl January 25 2012, 04:48:52 UTC
Computer troubles are the worst. Hope it works out!

And thank you for including me, and amassing such a fantastic list for our reading pleasure in the first place! :)

(Not a single completed Spuffy longfic? It's been a slow season for them, I guess- though the shorts nearly make up for it.)


moscow_watcher January 25 2012, 12:50:24 UTC
So far, my computer-savvy friend didn't tell me anything good about my poor old computer - but I keep my fingers crossed.


You write fantastic meta-fics for season 9, and I feel like I have two canons - yours and the comics one.

Not a single completed Spuffy longfic? It's been a slow season for them, I guess- though the shorts nearly make up for it

Out Of the Blue by slaymesoftly is completed. But I agree, there are very many WIPs. I have a theory that it happened because canonical Spuffy is in an indefinite situation right now. For a long time, we all considered the Spuffy canon closed. Now Joss has reopened it and we all are waiting what he's about to do. The ball is in his court again.


coalitiongirl January 27 2012, 09:08:02 UTC
Ooh, I must have missed Out of the Blue! Seasonal Spuffy came at a busy time for me IRL and I don't think I've gotten to read any of the fics there yet.

And thank you! Last season, I'd wait for each issue mostly because I was so eager to write fixed!fic. But I have few complaints with this season thus far, so I've been branching out into AU and missing scene fic. S9 is a whole untapped canvas with the perfect setup for Spuffy.

Your theory sounds plausible! (I know that I'm leery of writing anything lengthy because I'd rather focus on what's going on in the comics now, and while I was working on Embers last year I didn't write a single oneshot for months. I'm not ready to be constricted by a WIP again, unless I think of one that's worth it.)


shapinglight January 25 2012, 19:09:59 UTC
Thanks for reccing my fics, love. I hope your friend can fix your computer.


moscow_watcher January 25 2012, 20:46:34 UTC
I still hope that current Spuffy canon will inspire you to write more. I reread "Wedding From Hellverse" recently and it's such a great series. Season 9 will most likely be grim and angsty; we need an antidote. :)


shapinglight January 26 2012, 11:53:49 UTC
Season 9 will most likely be grim and angsty

Yes, I think it'll probably be the end of Spuffy. I think I'm best off keeping it at a distance, personally.


moscow_watcher January 26 2012, 17:25:38 UTC
The end of Spuffy? The only way Joss can put an end on Spuffy is to make Buffy and Spike a happily married couple. Happiness the the most effective poison for any narrative in any media. (But, since it's Joss we're talking about, we can be sure it won't happen).


cordykitten January 26 2012, 00:00:01 UTC
Thanks for the recs! Will add to memories when I find time to catch up with LJ.

I read mostly @ TSR (or EF).
Two stories I'm looking forward to read that aren't mentioned here:

Chasing a Dream by The Enemy of Reality

Time’s Fool by MsJane

I have a hard time to remember good stories that aren't updated in a while so I don't remember the other titles.


moscow_watcher January 26 2012, 17:17:21 UTC
You're weclome, honey - and thank *you* for the links!

I rarely have time to visit archives - LJ and a couple of BtVS comics-related forums eat all my time. I bookmarked the links and I will definitely read the stories you rec.


cordykitten January 26 2012, 21:13:05 UTC
You're welcome - a bit of thank you for all your recs.
I'm late reading LJ because my time is limited and I read at the archives. :D

I like all of The Enemy of Reality's stories so far, she has me guessing the plot / surprised me with (plot) turns in the past.

I try to remember to link you to the other story when it's updated again.


samsom January 27 2012, 04:28:00 UTC
Thanks so much for reccing mine. :)

For a story about vomit, it seems suprisingly well received. LOL


moscow_watcher January 31 2012, 14:45:06 UTC
Sorry for not replying earlier - LJ didn't send me a notification, and I saw your comment only now.

I love Angel/Cordy, and I love how you write them - as friends, lovers, partners and "everything&everybody else" for each other. I rewatched AtS season 3 recently and was amazed again how great their dynamic is. So, thank your for your wonderful stories that remind about it again.


(The comment has been removed)

moscow_watcher January 31 2012, 15:15:03 UTC

Sorry I didn't reply earlier - I didn't get a notification, and I noticed your comment only now. I hope you'll find interesting stories to read.

I adore your avatar, BTW.


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