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Jan 24, 2012 23:46

My main computer stopped working at the end of November. I switched to my netbook because right now I don't have money to buy a new computer. I can't Photoshop on netbook - it's not powerful enough. And, to make matters worse, all my fandom files stayed on the old computer. Thankfully, today a friend of mine promised to help. He copied my personal files on a pocket hard drive, so I can finally access them. Hopefully he'll be able to repair my poor old PC.
Anyway, I can post my fic recommendations for fall 2011. I'm sorry if I missed some good stories. Rec me the ones you liked!
Spuffy long stories, WIPs
Dust by knifeedgefic
WIP, 31 chapters, PG so far, NC-17 later. Alternate season 4. Buffy wakes in a Sunnydale that went utterly wrong... Everybody's asleep; the phones are dead; and there is no way out of the town. Buffy's only hope is a certain vampire who managed to stay awake and who was persistent enough to wake her up. Intriguing premise, genre storytelling par excellence, witty dialogues, funny insights into Buffy's and Spike's minds, overall creepy atmosphere -- the story's vitality and finesse make "Dust" one of the most exciting and gripping stories of the year.

My Elizabeth by thepuddinhead
WIP, 14 chapters so far. Sequel to "Yours, William" (in that story, Buffy decided to stay with William in 1880). In the new installment they come aboard the ship that makes its way to the New World. According to the writer, "it will be darker than “Yours,” and feature vampires, demons and slayers. There will be blood."
Usually, by the time the writer finishes the first story, she usually runs out of obstacles to overcome and leaves the characters in a safe place. There is no need for a sequel, technically. But Thepuddinhead decided to follow in Joss' footsteps and after wrapping up all the storylines in "Yours, William" she started her new story the way Joss starts a new season - creating a new problem, new Big Bad, new settings. Meanwhile the characters got fleshed and developed, while the universe she created became truly fascinating.

Out of Reach by spuffy_noelle
WIP, 6 chapter so far. NC-17, post-Wrecked. After an explosion, Buffy is left with no long-term memory.  Until her memory comes back, she needs to learn what it is to be a slayer, and why she feels so drawn to the blond vampire.

No Name season 7 Spike/Buffy tale by thedeadlyhook
PG. WIP, 3 chapters so far. Season 7, reimagined. Ensemble piece, the story subverts the tropes exploited in season 7; rich, compelling narrative. According to the author: "This is a complete re-imagining of Season 7. YES! I'm serious. Let's just start from the basics. What do we know? How do we know it? What do we want to know, or to see? (I guess ultimately I'm hoping to do sort of a virtual "season," but let's not get too ambitious yet...)
Pairing: Probably Spike/Buffy. Eventually. You know me." Well, *I* now that Thedeadlyhook is one of the finest writers in the fandom, and her characters are very close to canon.

Originally Normal by tennyo_elf
WIP, 9 chapters so far. Alternate season 7. Spike returns in different circumstances - he is sane and aloof. Buffy feels that she starts losing her slayer power. And, as usual, evil's afoot in good old Sunnyhell. Inventive plot, good character voices, interesting "what-ifs" - the story is a winner.

After the Deluge by gillo
R, WIP, 23 chapters so far. Post-TV series, not comics-compliant. As Spike struggles in LA against newly-risen The First Evil, Buffy find out about him being alive. Plotty ensemble piece, Spuffy-centric.

As Good as a Rest  by quinara
R/NC-17, middle of season 6, post-OAFA. Complete, 31,000 words. Buffy and Spike are getting along better and their story goes differently. Clever, meditative tale.

For Keeps by gryfndor_godess
PG-13. post-series. WIP, one chapter so far. Buffy/Spike, Xander/Anya, Willow/Oz, Cordelia/Angel, Dawn/Gunn. When unknown demons attack Spike in autumn 2019 and infect him with what seems to be a parasite, all Slayer and Watcher hands are on deck to try to get it out of him.  But what if the “parasite” could be something more? Mpreg is a difficult genre but, so far, the story sounds very promising. (But if mpreg is not your cup of tea, don't read it. Read gryfndor_godess' other stories - they're awesome.

Out Of the Blue by slaymesoftly
Completed, 43,000 words, R, Spuffy-friendly season 4. Spike accepts Giles’s suggestion that maybe he was meant to be chipped so that he could change his ways, and become more of a Scooby than in canon. And, of course, he and Buffy can'y stop snarking and bantering, as Spike teaches Buffy to tell dangerous demons from harmless ones! Great story about tolerance and love.

Oh My... We're Where Exactly? by maryperk73703
WIP, NC-17, Alternate season 7. Sequel to "Ghosts, Goblins, and Ghouls".Spike and Buffy return to Skald Hill Manor for Xander's car. You would think they'd know better than to explore an formerly haunted house, wouldn't you?

Elegies Part I: Words for the Fallen by useyourlove
Completed, 25,000 words, NC-17, post-series. BtVS/Dollhouse crossover. Writer's description: "Folks have run out of demons to fight in San Francisco, nobody really pays attention to the Slayer anymore, and Spike thinks Buffy should move on to somewhere more in need of her services. Road trip to New Orleans? That's what every girl needs." A newbie in Jossverse,  Useyourlove weaves an original tale of epic proportions.

Two Sides of the Same Coin by Behind Blue Eyes
WIP, 8 chapters so far. Season 5. In "Replacement", Toth's rod hit Spike and split him into William and demon!Spike.

Fire in the Soul by rebcake
PG-13, WIP, 3 chapters so far. A few years after Sunnydale’s spectacular demise, Buffy and her crew are getting on with their lives in San Francisco. A not entirely unwelcome blast from her past (Spike! It's Spike!) blows into town, but he’s brought more than the generally allowable amount of baggage with him.

Spuffy shorts

Fool For- [Just Fool, Really] by coalitiongirl
G. Season 9. spike muses on his relationship with Buffy.

The Real Me by
PG-13, middle of season 6. Dawn makes a wish to step into Buffy’s shoes for a day, wakes up to find herself trapped in her sister’s body and seeks out Spike for help.

Under The Influence by cindergal
R, season 6. Buffy+Spike+bike --> hotness!

La dolce morte by brutti_ma_buoni
PG, post-TV-BtVS. Spike heads off for Rome as soon as he's de-ghosted. Intimate and epic, funny and poignant - quintessencial Spuffy reunion.

Vampires Do Not Sparkle! by Behind Blue Eyes
NC-17 for language. Buffy and Spike watch Twilight.

Long Time Coming by gryfndor_godess
PG-13, season 9 post issue 2. Police is after Buffy, and Spike's flat is a good place to hide. Beautiful Spuffy dynamics within season 9 setting.

Act the Third by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, season 4. Buffy, Spike and zomby apocalypse

Act the Fourth by brutti_ma_buoni
PG. Buffy and Spike against a skeleton dragon!

Where's a Spooky Mask When You Need One? by smells_corrupt
PG. During a run-of-the-mill patrol, Buffy runs into Spike. And then things really get complicated.

Flesh and Bone by rebcake
R. Season 6. New ads make Buffy feel fat. Evil is definitely afoot!

Dead Unlike Me by rahirah
"Look, Mr. Voldemort, or whoever you are, Bloody Vengeance's business hours are from two P.M to ten P.M. I know it says two A.M. on the business cards, but that was totally the printer's fault.

Grunt by shapinglight
PG. A member of the skeleton army gives its take on things, Spuffy included.

Leverage by anviloverheaven
PG-13. Alternate "Chosen". Mortifex's intervention changes the outcome of the battle.

Holding Out For A Hero by gryfndor_godess
PG-13. Prompt: Skeleton Army Setting: Halloween 2005. Take this, Mortifex!!

I Never by annapurna_2
PG-13, Season 9 comics, post #1. Did they or didn’t they? Plus Buffy has a little competition for Spike’s attention and she’s not sure how to handle it.

Finger Painting by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, post-series. Buffy and Spike prepare to battle in the upcoming  Apocalypse by painting protective runes on their naked bodies.

Worth Waiting For by gryfndor_godess
PG-13, during "Chosen". Missing scenes between Buffy and Spike. Buffy's internal monologues are fascinating.

Dear Randy by annapurna_2
PG-13, Season 6, post-Tabula Rasa. Further adventures of Joan and Randy. Wicked fun!

The Jaws of Death by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, post-series. Buffy and Spike fight zombies.

Perihelion by brutti_ma_buoni
PG, post-series. “So, it’s the Apocalypse again.”--“Yep,” he said, deeply content. “Just you and me and the stars falling.”

Homecoming by st_salieri
PG-13, post-series. Sometimes coming home is the hardest thing to do. A fascinating "what if" that catches the essense of Buffy and Spike's relationship.

And Take My Waking Slow by snickfic
PG-13, post-series. Hurt/comfort. Writer's description: "The world is broken and Buffy is broken and Spike is fixed, kind of, possibly more than he ever wanted to be. He doesn't know what to do about any of those things." After the final battle Spike wakes up, wounded and helpless, to find out that the Earth was destroyed in the apocalypse but he has shanshued.

What You've Got by caia (treadingthedark)
PG, season 6. Spike finds an unusual way to cheer up Buffy. Cute!

Once in a Blue Moon by brutti_ma_buoni
PG Prompt: Eclipse. Post-series. More of the non-chronological escapades of Rulesverse Spuffy and the latest apocalypse. This is towards the end of their mission, after Ancient History and Prehistoric, lately posted here.

Ancient History by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13. Part of Brutti ma buoni's "Rulesverse". Buffy Summers: not dead, only resting.

Deliciously Self-Centred by quinara
PG; late S7. Spike finds a new way to tempt Buffy :)

Paying the Toll by brutti_ma_buoni
PG. Post-The Gift. Spike says goodbye to Buffy. Prompt: Charon the Ferryman.

A Day at the Shore by readerjane
R, season 7. Spike tells Buffy a story about Orpheus... does he?

To Cancel Half a Line by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, Post-season 2, Spike and Buffy, with hints of Spike/Buffy, with appearances from Giles, Willow, Faith and Xander. Brutti Ma Buoni masterfully connected  season 2 and season 4, incorporated an apocalypse, time-travel, body-switch into the plot -- and added a dragon into the mix.

Firmer Ground by gryfndor_godess
PG-13, early season 9, post-issue 1. Buffy tries to remember who she slept with last night. Spike tries to help. Stellar dialogues as our fools for love compete in the art of making embarrassing remarks.

Our Secret Flares by bayloriffic
NC-17, early season 9. Buffy and Spike go on a stakeout. Sexy hijinks ensue. The story reads like a real TV episode; dialogue is great.

Caught by coalitiongirl
PG. Season 9 issue 1 missing scene. Spike puts Buffy to bed and muses on his inability to let her go. Adorable bittersweet scene.

Cursed by ladyofthelog
PG, post season 8. Dawn/Xander, Spike/Buffy. Little vignettes of their everyday lives.

Subletting by shapinglight
PG-13, post-TV series. Buffy and Illyria discuss Spike's musical tastes. Fun!

In the Early Eve by coalitiongirl
PG-13. Post-season 8 comics. Patrolling always gives Buffy and Spike an occasion to talk about their relationship. Vague spoilers for the first four issues (based on the previews).

Bangel stories
Wish by coalitiongirl
R, alternate season 3. Buffy and Angel in Wish-verse.

Bostonverse drabbles by leni_ba
PG. Post-show. Buffy/Angel live in LA, Dawn and Spike hang out in Boston.

Ten Reasons to Forget Angel by leni_ba
Drabble, PG, season 1. Buffy muses on Angel.

Everywhere We Have Been by girlpire
PG. Post-show. Buffy/Angel, lost possibilities.

Echoes by scribesds
Post-TV show. Buffy/Angel. Angel ends up in another dimention and finds a lot of interesting stuff about his other self.

Blink and You'll Miss What You Never Saw by Gabrielle
R. In season 6 Buffy has flashes of memories of the day that Angel deleted, and comes to conclusion that it's memories of being in heaven.

You Can't Go Home Again by slaymesoftly
PG, season 6. Buffy and Angel's offscreen encounter post-Afterlife, from a Spuffy POV.

After All They Shoot Horses Don't They? by annegables
R, altyernate ending of season 7. Buffy/Angel, Buffy/Spike.

The Devil's Elegy by coalitiongirl
R. Buffy/Angelus. Season 6 BtVS/Season 3 AtS. When W&H steal Angel's soul, Buffy has to cope with baby Connor and with Angelus' vicious ways. Brilliantly twisted, the story hurts in all the right places.

Windows on the Soul by librarian2003
PG. Post-series. Angel is trapped by W&H in the Day That Never Was (the day he deleted). Buffy uses Orlon Window, with unpredictable results. Inventive plot and elegant writing.

Other characters and pairings
Learn To Fly by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, post-series. Giles and Faith in Pylea. Turns out if vampires show their demon selves in Pylea, Slayers show their powers. By growing wings.

Higher Than An Eagle by brutti_ma_buoni
PG-13, Giles and winged!Faith In Pylea. Seamless combination of sublime poetry ("the wings moved too, lazily beating at the unending heavens.") and broad comedy (“Good thing I was never a missionary kinda girl.” )

Reunion by elleyezee
WIP, post-series.Ever wonder why Buffy, Angel, Willow, Spike, Faith, Illyria, etc. split up across the country/world and seem to have taken on completely new identities? What does this mean for the fate of the world when there's a rumored apocalypse in 2012 and no one to stop it? Since Spike is the only one with any of his personality or memory left, it's up to him to track everyone down and figure out what is going on and how to stop it.

Willow drabble by coalitiongirl
Perfect summation of Willow's issues.

The Show Goes On by samsom
PG, AtS season 2. Angel takes care of Cordy and almost confesses something important.

Help to Make the Season Bright by penny_lane_42
PG, season 7. Buffy, Dawn. Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents". Bittersweet scene of sister bonding.

Bait And Switch by tielan
R, post-series. Faith/Wesley, with a twist.

She Loves Him (She Loves Him Not) by coalitiongirl
PG. Season 4. Buffy has all the reasons in the world to be in love with Riley.

A Serious Omission by speakr2customrs
PG, drabble, BtVS/Star Wars crossover.

It's Not The Same by salvage_5x5
PG-13. A scenario of Angel and Faith's relationship in season 9.

Stories You Don't Want Printed in People Magazine bya2zmom
PG. Season 8. Drabble. Harmony.

Ms Summers Goes To Washington (Buffy/West Wing crossover) by beer_good_foamy
PG-13, post-series. Comedic gem.
The American people need protection from vampires. Buffy needs funding. The American government has money. You'd think there'd be an obvious solution to this. And so, one day, Buffy, Giles and Willow dressed up in their best business suits and dropped by the White House.

Public by kudagirl
PG-13. Season 6. Drabble. She forged a public persona and it was killing her.

Normal by readerjane
G, early season 6. Xander recounts latest news... to who?

Gross Things by readerjane
PG. Pre-season 6. Dawn and Spike talk about death, zombies and Willow's secret.

Ebb Tide by readerjane
PG. post-Dirty Girls. Spike and Willow reminisce about their past.

Daddy by salvage_5x5
PG-13. Angel, Faith. Takes place in season 9. Faith visits her father in a prison. Bittersweet.

July by anviloverheaven
PG, post-series. Ensemble.Why has Giles invited all Scoobies for s 4th July party?

It Matters Little (Or Not At All) by Shaitanah
PG, post "Spike" comic. Spike/Drusilla. Leaving Drusilla in the asylum is the hardest decision Spike has ever made.

Coeur de lion by tootruthful
PG, post-Lovers Walk. Spike and Cordelia have a talk. Wonderful "missing scene".
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