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moscow_watcher November 27 2011, 18:39:59 UTC

Thank you for kind words! I'm happy and thrilled to get your feedback. First, because I love feedback (duh!), second, because I'm so glad that you haven't left the fandom.

I noticed a funny thing: I love to contradict canon. My last year IWRY entry was written in summer when writers and editors were hyping happy Buffy/Angel reunion angle of the story - and I wrote a fic with an unhappy ending. This year Buffy/Angel's love lies in ruins, and I feel the urge to write something funny, silly and absolutely B/A-reaffirming - to make up for the tortures Joss subjected them to.

Thank you for your sweet offer to send me a card, but I have to decline it. The post offices in Russia work terribly; they regularly lose correspondence, parcels, everything. The only stuff that always finds the way into our mailboxes is political propaganda from the ruling party. :(

So -- thank you and Zachary for your offer and sorry I can't accept it. I hope to see you posting your thoughts on current comics (that is, if you have time and desire to talk about them).



a2zmom November 27 2011, 19:10:34 UTC
Hugs right back!

I still do plan to do a comics write-up. Real life should start being more cooperative (grumble, grumble).

I am sorry that your post office is so wonky. Maybe Zachary will let me e-mail it to you (he is a very fussy artist and only likes his work viewed if he feels it captures his intentions. You should see him getting something printed.)

Abd being contrary is fun. We need to be the Joss-antidote!


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