Nov 06, 2010 20:40

DISCLAIMER: Characters belong to Joss, but says we can play with them, so...
TIMELINE: Goes AU during The Yoko Factor.
SYNOPSIS: Memories are tricky.
NOTES: Written for IWRY_marathon. Thanks to my wonderful, patient, supportive beta extraordinaire deird1!
White spoons, white hats. Disposable tools, that's what we are for them )

fanfic, buffy/angel

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angelus2hot December 1 2010, 04:26:21 UTC
I've aleady told you how I feel about this fic but I'm going to repeart myself here too :)

I loved it! Your characterizations were amazing and the storyline grabbed my attention from the start and kept me glued to my seat.

I've added this to my mems :D


moscow_watcher December 1 2010, 14:41:34 UTC
Thank you for your kind words, hon.

I like exploring Buffy/Angel. Their dynamic is so different from Spuffy. Their paradigm is different. To me Buffy/Angel *are* - although they can't be. While Spuffy *aren't* (well, mostly) - although they can be. Bangel and Spuffy feel like negative copies of each other. Both fascinating and both doomed - at least in canon.


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