My oldies have been nominated!

Aug 23, 2010 14:24

I've got a nice surprise today. The stuff I had posted three years ago was nominated for No Rest For The Wicked Awards.

Icon 13 and 16 from the batch I made in the fall of 2007 are nommed in the category "Something to Sing About" (best icon), and my fic A Ghost Story, written in November 2007, is nommed in categories "Bushwacked" (best au), "I've Got You Under My Skin" (best het) and "I Was Made To Love You" (best romance/fluff). Besides, my recent drabble Burning Bridge was nominated in the category "Heart Of Gold" (best drabble 100-600 words).

I'm very grateful to people who nominated me. It's incredibly rewarding to know that fans still read and enjoy stories written long ago. And I want to thank wicked_awards maintainers - angelus2hot and spankedbyspike. You do awesome job, guys! Thank you for helping to keep the fandom alive!


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