Awards - and a new story!

May 16, 2010 20:50

I was a bit overwhelmed by the discussion of Buffy issue #35 in my LJ. 200-plus comments and counting! I'm sorry if I haven't replied to all comments - I'm slowly catching up and I discover incredible insights into BtVS, Buffy, Angel, Spike, fanfiction, fandom in general, etc.

In other news, my fic Black Magic White Lies got awards in two categories in round 3 of Absence of Light Awards - as best het runner-up and best het fan fave.

I'm thrilled that people like my Xander/Faith story and I want to thank those who voted for me, as well as absence_oflight mods snowpuppies and velvetwhip who run the community and keep fandom alive. Congratulations to all winners, especially to deird1, who happens to be my beta and who got the Best Overall Author award.

And now for something completely different. Today is my posting day in Seasonal_Spuffy community, and I wrote a humoristic fic Shortcut. The idea was to squeeze all the twists of Spuffy journey into 24 hours - and to make it fun! I hope "Shortcut" will bring smile on your faces :)

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