Jan 08, 2010 21:33

I was away for a week, skiing at a remote ski camp that doesn't have Internet. And as soon as I got back there are two news at once.

First - Dark Horse has previewed that bizarre Angel as Twilight cover. All I can say is "huh?" The last time we saw Twilight face it was Barack Obama, so, at least, Angel's in a good company. But, really, I don't know what to think of it. Is Joss serious? Angel!Twilight persecuting Buffy, killing many slayers - and Buffy is happy to see him? OTOH, it's a preview of the April issue - could it be an April-Fool-joke-cum-the-ultimate-effort-to-raise-circulation? (sales dropped lower than 50,000 for #30 in November)

Second news - ta-dam! - my fic Black Magic White Lies won in Best Gen Fic category in round 25 of Shades of Grey Awards

I'm very flattered that my Xander story got recognition, and I want to thank everybody who voted for me. ETA: angearia has corrected me: my fic has won in a judged category. So - my thanks to anonymous judges, as well as to wonderful rua1412, shannon730, and velvetwhip who run the community.
You rock, guys.


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