Black Magic White Lies, chapter 4

Jun 22, 2009 10:35

Title: Black Magic White Lies
Chapter 4 - In Which Xander Discovers the Sitch Is More Screwed-up Than He Thought
Timeline: BtVS, alternate season 5
Genre: drama, mystery, action
Characters, pairing: general, Xander/Faith
Rating: R (for intense situations).
Summary: Xander thinks he has a little secret. He doesn't know that his little secret is a ( Read more... )

bmwl, fanfic

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moscow_watcher June 22 2009, 07:30:08 UTC
Thank you!

I have to confess that I totally can't write OCs. I tinkered about this chapter forever and I almost dropped the story. But finally I found the way to trick myself into an AU vision: I made a awful manip and I have managed to write the doctor and counselor as...

I'm glad they worked for you! :)


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