A little fic :)

Nov 22, 2012 19:27

So I wrote a little Spuffy story for the current round of Seasonal Spuffy. Looks like the new pieces of Buffyverse mythology finally became a fait accompli for me. :)

Genre: comedy
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Joss is the boss.
Timeline: Season 9.
Summary: We know that Buffy and her friends were brainwashed in season 5: monks changed their memories. Maybe it wasn't the first time?
A/N: Many thanks to Reddygirl, my wonderful beta who helped me with grammar and style. All mistakes are mine.

Poor Dru. She told him she couldn't see the slayer, the day they arrived to Sunnydale. Of course, she couldn't. Because everything about them was a fake.

Happy Thanksgiving!

fanfic, btvs season 9, spuffy

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