Fic: Flow of endorphins

Sep 23, 2011 15:54

Title: Flow of endorphins
Author: mosaika
Pairing: Booth/Brennan
Rating: T
Spoilers: End of S6 & S7
Summary: Based on stars_inthe_sky's promt on bones-ga: Brennan insists that sex helps to induce labor, and she's not being clinical about it. But I got stuck with idea of "clinical Brennan", so the results are different.
Author’s Note: It’s kind of experimental story, because I love reading fanstories in English, but it’s impossible for me to write one because of many reasons. That’s why this little story is originally written in Russian by mosaika and translated by lexxa_is_loved. Reviews are very-very welcome! ♥

Flow of endorphins

- Bones? - his voice was heavy with sleep - What’s wrong? Are you having contractions? - something woke him up.
- I’m tired and I can’t sleep. And no, I don’t have any contractions, - her hand was slightly caressing his bare chest. - One of the way to start contractions is…
- No-o-o, - Booth made it clear he doesn't want to know any details. He caught her hand and gently kissed each finger, - let’s just wait, okay?
- But Booth, it’s pretty natural, - she was very persistent and her speech was rapid. - When a woman is aroused, oxytocin levels in her blood increase and uterine starts to contract. It’s the same as male sperm, which consists of prostaglandin hormone, although, it absorbs better through the digestive system…
- Whoa!
- Yes, but right now this way would be pretty difficult…
- Bones! - Booth sat in their bed, fully awake now. - We decided 3 weeks ago that…
- Well, it doesn’t matter now, Booth. Quite the contrary, mechanical effects …
- Oh, Gosh! Bones, out baby, she’s …, and what if…
- We talked about this a hundred times, uterus and amniotic fluid will make it harmless for the baby. She’ll feel pleasure. The release of endorphins, - with a sign, Brennan also sat in lotus position straightening shoulders and rubbing her lower back. Her eyes were closed.

Both remained silent. The room was bathed in moonlight.

- Ok… Don’t be so clinical, Bones. Anyway, all you have you do is… Just… - he moved behind her. He bent his neck and kissed her on the back of the head. Her hair smelled like honey.
- Booth? - She slightly turned to him. In the next moment Booth took off her nightgown and stopped. - Booth? - she said again.
- I'm just memorizing you... like this...- he was caressing her arms, back, legs while kissing her shoulders, neck and ears. He felt her heavy, full breasts. She could not help but moan, pressing herself closer to him. She put her hands on his and together they embraced her belly, feeling the movement of their baby girl.

- I love you, Tempe, - his voice was barely audible. - I love her.
- I know.
- Come here, - it took him a second to strip their clothes off.

He dragged her onto the bed on her side, lying behind. Soft kisses, urgent touches, quite moans filled their room. She arched her back when he touched her. Caressing her womb he slide inside her flesh, gently. After some time, they were lying together, enjoying the closeness and slowly falling asleep.

Booth opened eyes and quickly shut them again, unwilling to wake up, but their bedroom was already filled with sunlight. Bones seemed to be still sleeping soundly, her hair tossed hair on the pillow. He hugged her belly tightly.

- Good morning, - she said gently. - I’m awake.
- Morning, Bones. How are you? - Booth pointedly tickled her baby bump. - Still nothing? - he rubbed his chin on her shoulder.
- Nope.
- So, want to give our baby some more pleasure? - he didn’t see her face, but he could have sworn she was smiling.

The end

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