Arthur/Merlin, Taping

Dec 17, 2017 17:46

So I read this fic a LONG time ago and if I recall correctly it was written for a kink meme and was unfinished for the longest time, possibly still unfinished. So it was very emotional and was based on Merlin finding out that Arthur had taped them having sex without his permission.Arthur apparently was drunk and thought it was a good idea egged on by his friends and he shows them the tape. Naturally Merling is upset by this betrayal, is comforted by Gwen and there was a scene with Lancelot tricking him into going to a pub he knew Arthur would be out in the hopes of getting them to make up or have a definitive break up. Merlin learns that Lancelot was part of the setup cause of this and Lancelot tries to explain and apologize. I don't remember anything past that scene so I THINK that was the cliffhanger we left off on. Anyone remeber this?

pairing: merlin/arthur, category: fanfic (specific), *found, character: lancelot, character: gwen

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