I like Myka, she's my partner.

Aug 21, 2012 21:31

A day late, but OMG Warehouse 13. This unexpected glee I got from them last night. I don't know what to do with it *flails*

Pete got Myka pregnant. There should be so much WTF in that statement but it was sweet and made me EEEE a little.

I mean, I guess Pete/Myka is one of those pairings for me that I can get with whether it's romantic or platonic. Seriously, they're awesome as partners in any way for me.

But now it's stuck in my head that Pete and Myka should totally raise a baby together. Even just strictly as co-parents. LOL

I guess I just love that they love each other (because of course Myka loves him) and it can mean anything. I love the feelings on this show.

Also, this is only the second episode I've seen this season. Sadly behind on my beloved show :(

warehouse 13

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