Apr 08, 2021 04:47

Isn’t it a sharp contradiction?
The same kind of people which told you that sexual preferences are inborn and not voluntarily changeable, so that’s why conversion therapies are nonsense, fraud and (should be) legitimately forbidden everywhere - the same kind of people, on the other hand, wants to make you believe that sex (as “gender”) is fake, is an illusion, something like an inborn mental sex that was already coined before a human’s birth doesn’t exist, and that fake is solely constructed and a product of social indoctrination, therefore can be changed, chosen and adopted at will...

Folks: Either you’re really convinced of Biological Determinism, or you’re all for Behaviorism. Changing the explanation patterns according to whatever would make you look virtuous and brought you into a position of being incontestable by any sane person, is neither going to make you appear serious, nor does it seem factually (and by that: scientifically) consistent.
On the contrary, some attentive people may even smell the rat that you’re trying to serve them - that it’s not about facts or really finding them out, but just about building up an emotional narrative.

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