A different approach to anti-immigration

Sep 24, 2020 12:36

Why do all problems with lack of skilled workers have to be solved by “stimulating immigration”, with “attracting foreigners to come and fill in the gaps”?
Don’t other countries need their skilled workers and their people across-the-board too?

What’s with all the domestic kids who leave school with a half-baked education level that are hardly good ( Read more... )

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matrixmann September 26 2020, 18:14:01 UTC
Indeed, indeed. That's like a short-sighted "solution" - you get the personnel that you want and that relatively quickly.

In other words that means: They don't want to wait and they don't want to make big investments - nobody knows if you'll succeed with your training and education program in 15 to 20 years, even will nobody know if you gonna need the personnel then still.

Although... to a certain base extent, you'll need all these skilled workers. So actually there's reason to invest in the general education and the training of your next generation to enter work like.
Especially such occupations like teachers and educational personnell - they only run away to certain spots in your country which they think pay better and make a better space to live in, but only very few of them leave the country, like it happens in other branches of the "free market" (and where these also just move abroad because they see they have no future in Germany, that innovation desert of Europe...).

Ah, well... let's put it into that drawer: "Even too stingy to invest in one's own base to make profit."


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